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Wave Heart ECG Necklace Under $5 - Just For Australians!

Nurses and health professionals would be amazed to get their hands on the ECG and heart shaped necklace. Wearing it all day will leave an impression on to your heart that will remind you of your service to humanity.

To ensure a better quality reaches you, zinc alloy material is used to develop the product that has high resistance to corrosion. The total length of the chain is 48 cm, but the size of the pendant remains at 3*2.3 cm. It carries a total weight of 7g.

If you’re intending to gift this ECG necklace to your girlfriend, wife, mom, or your best friend, do not hesitate because it would get you smiles all around.

The most impressive thing about this necklace is its adherence to the European Union (EU) environmental requirements. Chemicals that have been restricted by the EU have not been used in the product.

The delivery time for the product to reach at your door step could take about 2-3 weeks, while the items are well-packed in a carton box that will ensure a tax free or a lower tax on your parcel.