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Bowknot Choker Necklace Can Make You Invincible. If that doesn’t Makes You Invincible, Nothing Would

Bowknot Choker Necklace is a long shot away from an average choker necklace as it is a combination of two leather rope straps that are wrapped around the neck.

The first leather rope strap is tightly worn around the neck, while the other strap is hung from the neck to the chest height.

This choker necklace contains a lobster-claw closure that helps users to adjust the necklace according to their comfort level. The total length of the chain is 160 cm while the total weight is 10g.

The product is available in three colors i.e. white, brown, and black. Gold and Silver plated colored pendants can also be seen at the tip of the leather straps that enhances the beauty of the necklace.

Exciting new colors and different styles to wear the necklace can bring each day a new style existence. You can try a bownot or just hang the necklace by your neck, or anyway you like best.