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You Think Mondays are Bad? Try Working Weekends, Holidays and 12 Hour Nights

Do you think the above statement is correct? If no, then I think you live in a fool's paradise.

It is a bit harsh for you I know but true to certain extent. Since Monday is the first working day of the week this is why people have to work from scratch. Furthermore, those professionals who work during weekends, holidays and perform 12 hour shift know the consequences of working during these days.

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There is no harm if you plan to work during holidays, weekends just for an experiment. I am telling you seriously you will find a world of difference practically. It is something that looks bit different from usual things. There are people those who have to work on holidays and weekends to make the life of others convenient.

On the other side, there are people those who still think it is a bit tough to work on Mondays after weekend.


If you keep working on weekends, you may not find enough time for yourself. This is one of the consequences you have to face quite often. Β You are unable to sleep properly and at the same time you do not even think about socializing with your friends.

On a lighter note, if you wish to lose your weight then you should indulge yourself in 12 hours shift or working on weekends.Β  People tend to become erratic and sometimes lethargic if they work for numerous hours during holidays and weekends.Β 

Likewise, if you want to obtain handsome amount of money then you should opt for working on weekends and holidays only. Since, everything has its own merits and demerits so it is not a bad idea if you see the brighter side of working holidays' notion.

Similarly, if you want to add some value to your life then you can stop working during weekends and holidays. By doing so, you can manage and enjoy your life matters to the fullest. You are able to strengthen your relationship with your partner and loved ones.

Β However, it can happen to you if you don't take proper rest after performing a hectic shift of 14 or 16 hours.Β  Since, you are a human being hence you need ample amount of sleep to gain the desired level of energy.


Most of the time, it becomes quite difficult to manage both your work life and personal life accordingly. Furthermore, you need to be right on top of your game if you wish to attain perfect kind of balance successfully.

The worst thing about working on weekends or holidays is that you have to feel the pain of missing your loved one. You are working in your office and at the same time there is a part going on at your home. At that moment you just want to leave everything but unable to do so due to work or other pressures.


At times you just do not want to work on weekends or holidays but you have to do 12 hours shift since your other colleague is absent. This is the time when you do not look quite comfortable but you are out of other options.


If you do not work on weekends then you may explore different things at times. This is the best way by which you can make this opportunity count. Those people who do not work on weekends or holidays have huge chances to find out different amazing stuff. You can socialize with your friends or you can take time for yourself by doing workout on your fitness.

There are people those who perform two jobs in a day are mostly unable to enjoy and work during holidays and weekends. Since, they cannot perform tasks like attending parties or going for dinner other than sleeping.

People usually try to stop working on weekends and holidays to spend quality time with their loved ones. However, mostly they are unable to keep this promise as they have other things to perform and prioritize. Β It is a sad but harsh reality you have to bear it comfortably or by hook and crook.

Wrapping Up

So, you still think Mondays are bad when you have official holidays on weekends and national occasions. I am sure guys, you would have sympathies for those people who work on holidays and shift duties just to make our lives comfortable. You must assume yourself fortunate as you celebrate your holidays with your families and loved ones.

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