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Exploring the Myth "Why Are You So Obsessed With Me"

Why are you so obsessed with me?This is one of the most common questions nurses have to ask their patients. If you have ever come across with any nurse in your life then you will surely know how tough or sometimes funny it is to experience this situation.

Recently, I was admitted in a hospital for a minor appendix operation where I found a nurse who was supposed to look after me.

After some time, I got a chance to talk to her when one of my friends was not in the room, I literally asked her a hilarious question. Do you have a map? because I am getting lost in your eyes.

Suddenly, she looked at me but somehow managed to compose herself since I was lying on a bed in an awkward position. After a certain pose, she replied me appropriately, you had better take rest or sleep right because you are not looking alright or dose must have influenced your nerves.

This is how I started interacting with a nurse hence gradually we developed friendly relationship with each other in a respectable way. Apart from this, there are many reasons that made me obsessed with her because nurses generally possess different qualities and here is the list of these qualities which includes:

Nurses take care when people become sick

When I was getting treatment, I literally enjoyed my every moment of hospital stay. Since I build a meaningful relationship with one of the nurses, I was able to share different jokes with her.

For instance, I asked her one day, I thing you know CPR because you are taking my breath away. Somehow she responded me in a friendly gesture and it went all very well in the end.

 At that moment I realized how much patience they have to show during testing times. Still, they are able to take care of talkative or lustful patients.   

Nurses are great problem solvers

Nurses are great problem solvers to certain extent because I have seen many patients who discuss various kinds of problems with nurses.

They make sure that they can listen to their problems and they also try to solve those problems as early as possible. I also discussed some of the issue with a nurse and I was able to get an appropriate solution of my problems.  

They know how to tackle with difficult situations

Most of the time, nurses have to remain calm and relaxed because they have to calm down various critical patients.  I personally experienced nurses' hectic schedule since their normally duty hours are usually 12 hours.

However, I did not notice any sort of fatigue or disturbed facial expressions because nurses also share jokes and lighter moments with patients too.    

They can easily dine anywhere

The interesting thing I easily noticed during my stay at hospital that nurses are super humans when it comes to eating anywhere. Hence, I learnt how to take a quick meal if you don't have too much time left.


They always come to the rescue

One thing I would really appreciate that nurses take pride in providing maximum comfort to patients. I have seen a situation where I needed immediate attention because I was screaming because of severe pain. At that time, one of the nurses responded in a spontaneous manner and I was able to take a big sigh of relief.


They are energetic

I have found all the nurses proactive and action oriented since, nurses have to perform all their tasks in a timely manner. Their energy level seems to be up all the time and they have pleasant personalities that really influence the minds of patients significantly.


Patients are really obsessed with Nurses

This is how patients get lot of inspiration from committed and professional nurses. Furthermore, I had to realize their efforts since I was fortunate enough to find a charming and humorous nurse who made my experience memorable.

There are older patients who find good friends since nurses are much smarter in communication. Hence, they develop good and effective relationships with the patients.


Never Say these 5 things to a Nurse

After establishing sincere and friendly relationship with a nurse, I found that nurses are human beings just like us. Interestingly, there are not many people able to understand the importance of nurses in a right manner. However, if you wish to maintain a healthy and lifelong relationship with a nurse, you should avoid these 5 things in near future.

# 1: Hello Nurse!

Nurses are normal human beings who have emotions, perceptions, likes and dislikes too. Hence you should treat them in an appropriate way since they must be given respect and importance in the right direction.

It is not an animated series or cartoon in which you see different perception of nurses because they are totally different in reality.


#2 : Nurses take orders from Doctors

Once I did this mistake that I told my nurse that she is just taking orders from her doctors. After few seconds, I literally experienced a different reaction because it did not go well for her.

At that time, I realized I should not have said those harsh words to a nurse because doctors are not the only ones who save lives. I had to try my level best to reduce the intensity by sharing some more funny jokes with her.


 #3: What does a Nurse do

Seriously!!! This question should not be asked from nurses since I was doing a friendly conversation with my nurse, I did not try to ask this question. Nurses in reality perform most difficult tasks with passion and great enthusiasm.

It is better to analyze the nurses' tough schedule rather than asking a question from a nurse directly. I noticed that nurses bear so much pressure with such an ease that shows their mental strengths.

# 4:  I am just a Nurse

You might have heard this statement from a fellow nurse that he or she is just a nurse and nothing else. You cannot underestimate the power of a single nurse because nurses do play a critical role in the success of any healthcare organization. This is just a hilarious thing to do not imagine the impacts of nurses in the desired direction.

#5: Nurses only date Doctors

This is another joke associated with nurses because you cannot think of a person who works with you for more than 12 hours. If you get a chance to date with a person who belongs to your profession then it will not make a difference in your life.

Nurses do need a break in their lives hence they have to look for other guys who are sensible and humorous by nature too.



I consider myself fortunate enough to build relationship with one of the nurses in a friendly manner. By doing so, i am able enough to make my life much more comfortable and hassle free.

Since my fiancee is a registered nurse therefore, i try to calm down her emotions as much as I can. Nurses work in the most challenging environment and surely they also need humor in their lives as well.

We both are enjoying our company in the funniest manner because we have understood the importance of each other in our lives.



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