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That Moment during a shift when you realize only Jesus or Wine can save you

Nursing is not a bed of roses instead it is a demanding art that needs lot of courage and mental strength to face all the hardships. Every day, you have to anticipate unscheduled tasks and at times, you feel like doing nothing and waiting for something to happen. Furthermore, you experience lot of pressure from your peers because they are also dealing with same kind of stress.

Hence, you literally start seeking for unconditional help because sometimes this pressure becomes unbearable and makes you tired. People should realize the efforts of nurses since nurses are only professionals that always present when their loved ones begin to lose their lives. Sadly, this is not the case as people still are unaware of the efforts nurses usually put in.

9 Instances when Nurses need help of Jesus or Wine the Most

There have been too many instances happened in the recent past when nurses burnt out because of different sorts of work related stress. However here is the list of 9 instances when nurses needed the help of Jesus or wine the most. This list includes:

  • After Admitting an annoying patient
  • Taking care of pervert patient
  • Patients not following your advice
  • When nurses are short
  • Dealing with different patients at a time
  • Not having enough time for meal
  • No chance of break
  • No time for sitting
  • Do not have time for fun

After Admitting an Annoying Patient

At times, it does happen to you since there are many types of patients who actually test the patience of nurses. During these difficult situations, you surely need a help or sip of wine to come back strong in these scenarios. Patients have various reactions and attitudes hence they behave weirdly in different situations.

Taking Care of Pervert Patient

A nurse is a nurse either male or female because he or she has to deal with pervert patients who may belong to any gender. Therefore, you need to bring all your exposure and calmness to tackle the situation in the desired way. Those patients who like to crack a filthy joke or flirt with male or female nurse are actually pervert by nature. As a result, nurses do need different kind of support by which they can continue their work with much need passion and impetus.    

Patients not following Your Advice

This is another possibility when you have to deal with such a disgusted patient who does not want to follow your advice. At this point of time, you surely need a glass of wine or someone's help because you are already tired after working for several hours. There are patients who demonstrate extreme level of stubbornness and this is the reason they don't take medicines on time.  

Being a nurse, you may face this situation on a continual basis because it happens that your colleague does not come on a duty. Hence, you have to work so hard to accommodate the shortage of other nurses. Thus, you need to take a deep breath or you may also pray to attain divine help. Nursing profession is all about managing yourself according to the demands of the situation.

Dealing with Different Patients at a time

Nurses have to take various patients at a time hence it becomes tricky for them to give proper attention to each and every patient. Therefore, a support from Jesus is a must because you are a human being after all who cannot take care of everyone appropriately.  

Not having Enough time for Meal

There are times when you don't have enough time to take some meal. At this point of time, you certainly need help from someone or you like to have some wine to cope up with this challenge. This is the most common issue nurses are dealing these days. Since, there are lots of patients waiting for the treatment in hospitals and nurses have to take good care of them.

No Chance of Break

When you realize being a nurse that you cannot take time for break because there are three nurses short from work already. Since, your patient is anticipating a tough situation and you cannot leave him or her on the mercy of others. During these times, you surely feel you should have drunk wine a little bit.

No time for Sitting

Nurses have to work throughout the day on their feet since they have lots of patients to take care. During these challenging times, they love to sit so that they can relax and start working again with the same passion. However, they are not provided this facility and they just need someone's support or a glass of wine.

Do not have time for Fun

Nurses are human being too hence they need some sort of refreshment too. With the help of some kind of entertainment they can energize themselves in a constructive manner. At times, they do not have sigh of relief and they have to work for indefinite time period. When nurses are not offered desired level of fun, they can also become stubborn and pessimistic.


Nurses should be provided ample amount of time as they are human beings that need proper breaks. By doing so, there is a likelihood they can excel in their professions and perform their duties with more passion and exuberance.  

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