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When Nurses Become patients, Its Totally A Different Side of Story

Yes, you have read it right, nurses have all the ingredients to become one of the worst patients on earth. Nurses are human being too which we often forget because we think nurses can easily handle any kind of situation. However, if they are hospitalized due to any reason they can give tough time to others definitely.

Here is the list of reasons that suggest nurses become worst nightmare as patients. These reasons include:

Reason #1: Nurses reveal weird emotions  


You have to calm down the emotions of patients' families however it becomes quite difficult for you to control your emotions being a patient. You just start reacting in an awkward manner if you anticipate any kind of injury

Reason # 2: Nurses don't want to experience side effects 

If you are a true nurse then you would surely want to attain anti nausea medication as a patient. Since, you are not interested to feel any kind of side effect.

Reason #3: Nurses want to follow hospital policies 

Nurses at times want to follow the hospitals' norms in every possible way when they fall ill. They don't trust their doctors' advices quite easily because of their typical mindset. They often argue with their doctors over treatment procedures.

Reason #4: Nurses assume they are above the rules


When nurses become patients, they give impression that they are above the rules and operating procedures. They urge patients to abide by the rules but when they are treated they expect that no rules should be applied on them.

Reason # 5: Nurses don't trust their caretakers easily 

It becomes one of the most difficult tasks to earn the trust of nurses when they are hospitalized. They even ask their doctors about their past professional experiences.

Reason #6: Nurses react differently when they are on the receiving end of care


When you are on the receiving end of care, your reactions will be different than usual. After becoming a patient, you can suddenly become too much annoying and uncooperative too. 

Reason #7: Nurses have passive-aggressive tendencies 

It is a fact that nurses become anxious as soon as they become patients. Hence, their passive-aggressive tendencies turn out to be more prominent and influential.

In the last but not the least 

We have to keep this aspect in our minds that nurses are human beings. Therefore, whenever they are in need of treatment or hospitalization they become vulnerable.    




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