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What is the Importance of Your Poop Color and Shape in Determining Your Health

Do you know your poop is much crucial for living things like parrot fish that eats coral and poops sand. Likewise, the smell of books make some people feel like doing poop. There is a phenomenon named as Mariko Aoki which motivates the person to defecate while searching a book in a bookstore.

It would be interesting for you to know that doctors are using poop of healthy people to make stomachs of ill people better. Here are some astonishing facts about poop color and shape that reveal important aspects of your health.

Sign of Digestive Health 

There are signs by which you can explore more about your digestive system and its performance. Your bowel movements are considered as one of the best symptoms of your digestive health. The bowel movements happen during the last stage of digestive phenomenon. 

Important Elements of Your Digestive Health


Whenever you want to obtain information about your health in the right direction, you should focus on different elements first. These elements include:

  • Kind of poop
  • Frequency of poop
  • Color of poop   

How many times do you poop in a day


It is a critical question that should be answered properly because you may be passing stool twice or thrice in a day. Similarly, there are people who do not go to washrooms daily due to constipation or other problems. Additionally, your poop's frequency reveal your lifestyle and eating habits however you must go to toilet at least once in a day to keep yourself healthy.

Poop form and steadiness 

If you want to know exactly how your digestive system works, you must consider the poop form and its steadiness. Here is the list of different poop shapes that indicate the nature of your digestive health efficiently.

Cracked and Sausage shaped 

If your stool is round and even in shape but at the same time it has cracks on its surface then it means you are following poor diet. It also indicates that you have a inactive lifestyle pattern  that needs to be changed. You have to put some effort to eject your poop however you do not feel pain while ejecting your poop. Overall, your poop shape can be considered as normal and not a worrying sign for you.

Squashy Poop 

The squashy or mushy poop needs to be cured because it is one of the symptoms of diarrhea. The mushy stool has ragged edges which looks like a pudding shape. If you have negatively changed your lifestyle and eating habits then you may become a victim of mushy poop. It is also assumed as the outcome of stress.

Soft blobs   

When you do not take enough fibre in your diet then you may pass stool that is considered as soft blob. Usually soft blobs have clear cut edges that suggest you should include fibre in your diet.  

Hard lumps 

This is a form of poop that does not easily passed through your intestine. Furthermore, you have to spend more timing sitting in washroom. You tend to put lot of weight on your body eventually it becomes a painful process for you while ejecting a poop.  

Firm and lumpy shaped 

When your poop takes time to come out from the intestine and it turns out to be a bit dry, lumpy and firm too. It means you are having a constipation issue because you are passing firm and lumpy shaped stool.

Flat and soft shaped 

A sausage and smooth shaped poop is an ideal one because it comes out of the intestine naturally. 

Fluid shaped 

When you are anticipating an extreme kind of diarrhea then you pass fluid shaped poop. This form of poop is not processed smoothly since the small intestine becomes quite irrigating. Hence, the liquid passes through small intestine in a haphazard way.


Color Matters 

The color of your poop demonstrates the nature and health of your poop in a sufficient manner. Here is the list of different poop colors that includes:

  • Brown
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • White
  • Red



The brown color poop suggests that your health is perfectly fine. Since, the bile produced in the liver is naturally brown in color.   


This color indicates that you have consumed lots of green leafy vegetables. At times it can also happen that food is moving through your intestines too fast.


The yellow color suggests you are taking too much fat in your diet. It can happen to you if you are having lever disorder or feeling stress.


When you are bleeding internally because of cancer or ulcer then your poop color may turn into black. It can also happen if you are taking iron supplements.


White poop suggests that your liver is not releasing an adequate amount of bile salt in your intestine. This is why the reason your poop color is white. This situation may arise because of bile duct obstruction. Furthermore, there are some medicines that can cause this problem. 


If your poop color is red then it means a bleeding has occurred in the gastrointestinal tract. This color can cause extreme level of digestive trouble commonly known as colon cancer. It can also cause most common issue like hemorrhoids.

Wrapping Up 

Interestingly, you can easily make your poop color gold by just using a pill. If you want to know more about different poop colors in detail, you can explore the information mentioned above.

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