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What Does Your Nails Say About Your Health?


Nails may not just enhance the beauty of your hands, but it may reveal much about your health condition. When a body faces health issues, it directly affects fingernails that may alarm people and make them aware of their physical conditions.

Today we list down 10 fingernail types, so check out what they say about your health.

Dry and Cracked Nails

When people are exposed to chemicals such as chemical agents or excessive use of nail polish remover, their fingernails tend to get brittle. It can also be caused by not wearing a Personal Protective Equiment (PPE) such as gloves when handling chemicals. Also, the nails can get brittle when living in a low humidity conditions.

If the causes of the above-mentioned factors do not match with your condition, then there is a probability that you may be suffering from hypothyroidism. The disease causes skin and hair to dry, where alos the body lacks sufficient thyroid hormones.

Thick Nails

Often people relate thick nails to a strong healthy nail. Completely untrue! This in fact signals to a possible lung disease or psoriasis. It may also indicate blood flow circulation problem or a fungal infection that causes the nails to thicken.

Nail Clubbing

Nail clubbing or digital clubbing is a result of a deformity of finger or toe nails. The leading factor of nail clubbing is due to heart and lung diseases while it may also indicate a serious condition like AIDS. The amount of oxygen is reduced in the body that gives a particular shape to your nails.

Nails That Have Dark Vertical Bands

Dark vertical bands are formed on the nails that may be harmless but may indicate a sign of skin cancer called malignant melanoma. Sometimes a mole is also formed on the legs and on the back. These bands are common in dark-skinned people.

Horizontal Ridges on Nails

Horizontal ridges on nails can reflect to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. It does not indicate a serious health problem, but may be an implication of a drug reaction or a recent chemotherapy. 

Spoon Nails

Spoon-shaped nails are formed due to a liver condition called hemochromatosis where the body absorbs too much iron. These nails are so highly curved that it has the capacity to hold a water drop for sometime without making it slide off.

Pitted Nails

Small dents and holes can be seen on the nails which can show the signs of psoriasis. However, not every psoriasis patient are likely to have pitted nails. The condition of the nails may also relate to alopecia areata, while it may reveal zinc deficiency when vertical lines are formed on nails.

Chewed/Severely bitten Nails

Many people may have nail-biting habits, but excessive biting of the nails may occur due to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). OCD is a chronic disease where a person would face reoccurring thoughts and behaviors. Psychiatric is recommended!

Yellow Nails

It is common among older people, but when it is caused in people who are young, this may be due to applying nail lacquers or acrylic nails to your fingersnails. The nails are stained as a result of continuously applying nail lacquers. Another factor is excessive smoking.

No Half Moon On Nails

Moons or light half moon is located at the base of the fingernails. If by any chance there is an absence of moon or half moon on your fingernails then it may indicate low blood pressure or underactive thyroid gland. This may also reveal a deficiency of vitamin B12.

We hope that you do not suffer with any of the fingernail conditions mentioned above. But if you do, please consult to a medical practitioner. Stay Healthy!



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