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Here's What Color Blue Tells About You


The blue color has distinct shades that can be seen in the form of dark blue and light blue. The traits of dark blue include dignity, belief, authority and intelligence too. Whereas the properties of light blue consist of strength, dependability, coolness, and cleanliness.    

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Those people who admire blue color are often perceived as trustworthy, since you take ample amount of time before speaking about anything. Furthermore, you take your own time and space to perform any task. You like doing things in a sequential or planned order. Above all, your personality is extremely serious when it comes to taking personalities.

You are a person who wish to take control of different things, however you are much friendly with your relatives and loved ones. At times, you suddenly become too rigid because you do not compromise on principles. You are not attention seeker instead you work in silence and let the success make all the noise. 


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