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This Scottish Island with 60 Inhabitants is in Desperate Need of a New Nurse

Fair Isle, an island in Shetland that has a population of about 60 inhabitants is looking for a nurse. It is a remote island which is a popular spot for bird watcher and is home to around 1,000 sheep and 10,000 puffins.

The job advertisement for island’s nurse position by the NHS Shetland reads, ‘Are you looking for a challenge? We need an enthusiastic autonomous practitioner on a doctor-free island’.

The island is so remote that you can get there by an 8-seater plane or a ferry. For many years, Fair Isle has struggled to attract incomers because they live in such an isolated conditions.

Due to long winters and with no power at night, this job certainly pose a challenge for the new candidate. But a healthcare worker with the love of animals could really blend easily with the locals.

When you enter the island you are taken aback by the beauty of its surroundings, and the nature that will get your eyes fixed upon.

The reason that has led the NHS Shetland to look for a new nurse is because of the departure of island’s former nurse Elena Mera Long. Elena spent nine years in the role of a nurse but has now taken an offer to become Director of Nursing at a cancer treatment centre in Romania.

The advertisement further read that the new nurse would earn between £26,565 to £35,577 while working 37.5 hours/week, depending upon their expertise.

The new nurse would be responsible for taking care of the healthcare needs of residents in accordance to the national standards. A nurse house will be provided by the authorities alongside a clinic for treating patients.

There are other opportunities for nurses if they wish to pursue alongside being a healthcare worker. Elena Mera Long was also a church organist, led the Christmas choir, taught music to kids, and knitted wool for the islanders.

The application closes on 24th April. Click here to Apply


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