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Old and Senior Citizens Turning Towards Medical Marijuana at Nursing Homes and Retirement Communities

While 29 US states have legalized marijuana in some shape or form, the use of the substance have dramatically increased among senior citizens. Despite all the fear that the use of cannabis would most likely be increasd among teens, the reality have thwarted all the speculations.

The increased use of medical marijuana among senior citizens may come as a surprise for many, but according to recent studies present in National Center of Biotechnology Information (NCBI), the use of medical marijuana can treat many ilnesses. But along its advantages comes negative aspects which have yet been researched. As a result, it has prevented doctors to prescribe a proper dosage for older citizens.

The case of Ruth Brunn, 98 year-old citizen of New York City is a popular example among senior citizens who suffered with Neuropathy illness until she started consuming legal cannabis oil pills. She claims that she neither feels high or stoned but all her pain is lost when she consumes those pills.

A comparison of the study conducted in NCBI journal also shows that medical marijuana consumption in older people aged 50-64 had soared by 57.8% in 2006/2007, but in 2012/2013, this figure had skyrocketed to 250%.

Nursing homes and retirement communities run by private sectors have started consuming cannabis oil pills and other forms of the substance to treat their ilness. Nursing homes which are run by federal government have refrained from allowing the use of marijuana because of the fears that they will loose medicaid funding.

It is well expected that due to medical marijuana legalization in many more nurisng homes and retirement communities, many older patients like Ruth Brunn could be treated.

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