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How do nurses get tired by working just three days a week? Explained

A professional nurse needs to be in 10 places at once. Sometimes, he or she has to jot down the orders for a physician and at the same time needs to remember some other crucial tasks. During this whole procedure, 12 hours shift becomes quite exhausting nursing shift since nursing job takes both mental and physical efforts from a person. Furthermore, when you start working on your computer being a professional nurse, your eyes starts feeling pain.

At the same time, your mind also works lethargically because of massive workload you carry on your shoulders for an indefinite period. It is a harsh reality that suggests 12 hours shift may turn into 13 or 14-hour shift quite easily. Since nurses have to complete all their assigned and unplanned tasks in the allocated hours. However, most of the time nurses don't have too much time left to perform data entry and other inventory recording tasks.   

Mostly, nurses work just three days a week and perform three days shift in which each is supposed to be 12 hours shift. Nursing is physically, emotionally and mentally taxing. Furthermore, it also requires a lot of hard work and dedication practically. At times, it does happen with different nurses that they are unable to report or enter data of a single patient during a long tiring working day. Nursing is not much exhausting if it is based on the working hour's calculation.

However, nursing is much dependant on the work usually performed by the nurses during three days shift or 12 hours shift. Nurses mostly prefer three days shift in a week, but it becomes quite tiring physically, mentally and emotionally. You have to anticipate different patients who belong to various classes, cultures, and beliefs. In this way, duties turn out to be much more challenging and disturbing as well.

On the other hand, you are free from your designated duties for rest of the week. But this is not the case because most of the time patients are in dire need of attention and care. As a professional and sensible nurse, you are supposed to remain around your patients as much as possible. You can also follow another working schedule in which you will be needed to perform a day duty followed by night duty.

Hence, you can become more productive and energetic for a longer period. Let us talk about another situation, for instance; you have to enter the data of different patients in your computer system. Since, you have to tackle mental and physical fatigue. Therefore, you become lethargic and unable to enter the data of your patients. On the other hand, if your patients need your attention the most then you won't be able to do other activities because your patient needs your care more than anything.   

During our high school lives, we have to participate in different extracurricular activities like racing. There are students who just run for the sake of participating in the event rather than winning an event. Being a long distance runner, you get the point where your legs don't respond in an adequate manner. Eventually, you are no more interested in moving further. However, you stretch yourself once more and try your level best to compete in the race. After completing the race, you realize that you could have covered one more leap if required. Nursing just works in the same fashion for nurses in reality.

You just carry on your efforts and all the hard works for innumerable instances; you just keep moving further ahead. This process is certainly lifelong and does not stop instead goes on and on. There are other domains in which hitting the wall is purely coincidence and does not matter a lot. For example, a soldier keeps fighting on the battlefield no matter his companion is alive or not; he keeps battling with the same spirit again and again.

It is the same scenario that happens in the field of nursing because nurses do have to fulfill the most crucial job responsibilities. It does not make a difference if your body is already tired or mentally exhausted, you just have to carry on your good work for no reason. Nursing is also exhausting due to various motives, the task which is you performing right now becomes much significant since you have to complete within given time frame.

In this way, your 12 hours shift or three days shift in a week becomes more demanding and time-consuming too.  You just keep performing while completing previous tasks and moving further to the next tasks. A day in the life of a nurse is extremely challenging since, despite the fact that you become mentally and physically lethargic still, you have to come up with the expectations of your patients and coworkers.

Nursing is tiring and extremely tough yet if you are working just three days shift in a week.

In the last but not the least,

Nursing profession needs to be protected and provided more learning opportunities to make this profession quite appealing to others. Nurses of today's era should be offered adequate relaxation time so that they can stay healthy for a longer period. In this way, they can avoid a typical burnout by following three days shift plan a week. 

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