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Nurse posts her Salary on Facebook, it went VIRAL

Lot of people reacted on the post that was posted on Facebook. Facebook users comments and reactions after seeing the payslip of a Staff Nurse who works in a Hospital located in the Philippines caught the attention of many over the social media.

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The photo was posted by a nurse named as Kiko, by saying, “I’m sorry but *explicit word!* I was disgusted the moment I saw this. This is disrespectful to our profession. Nurses don’t deserve this”

Here are some of the comments this post received,

“Sh*t! That’s too much! The tax alone of a call center agent’s salary is higher than the nurses’ salary. That’s why even if I’m a registered nurse, I’m stuck here in the BPO industry.”

“It’s too low”

“My daily allowance for my class when studying to be a nurse is higher”

“Nurses are exposed on different kinds of sickness, risks of infections, hiv, heppa etc etc and all we get is 260 pesos a day, others doesn’t even have a salary, esp when you’re only a volunteer. WTF! No wonder nurses doesn’t last here in the Philippines!”

Another post that caught people's attention that was posted by a Youtuber who shared his thoughts on the post mention above:

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