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Nurse insists on finishing shift, even after going into labor

Pregnant Nurse Goes Into Labor In The Middle Of Her Shift But Doesn’t Leave Until It’s Over.

While doctors take most of the credit for curing us of various ailments and sicknesses, nurses deserve a lot of praise for caring for us, too. Though their expertise may be different from a doctor’s, they add a special touch in our times of need.

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They may not be paid as much as other medical professionals, but they also spend hours of their time on long shifts, showing that they are truly dedicated to their patients!

One such nurse is a mother named Ashley Chambers. When she got pregnant, she vowed to keep working up until it was time for her to give birth. As a charge nurse in a children’s hospital, her patients are like family to her, and she cares for them like they are her own children.

But little did she know that she would, in fact, keep working until just minutes before her new baby came into the world.

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