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Night Shift Nurses: 5 Things You Never Knew About Their Grueling Job

Nurses do a job that most of us could never do. The hours they put in, the ridiculous things they put up with, and the lives that they save are just a few of the things that make them so incredible.

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All nurses deserve our unending respect, each and every one of them. Certainly no nurse ever deserves to be talked down to because they aren’t a doctor. They chose to become nurses to nurture their patients and to know that they are giving people vital comfort and care.

Nurses that work the night shift, though? These folks need an even bigger round of applause. They disrupt their natural sleep schedules in order to keep their patients comfortable at nighttime, and to make sure that nothing catastrophic happens during these all-important hours.

Many of us don’t even think twice about this schedule shift, but there are many things that make it even more grueling than we could imagine.

These nine things will definitely give you more respect for your friends and family who are nighttime nurses.

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1. Their Patients Are Rarely Asleep At Night



All night nurses will tell you that their call lights go on constantly at night. It might seem like the night shift would be calm, but it is just as busy as the day shift. Patients don’t stop being sick just because it’s nighttime.

2. They Don't Have The Cafeteria To Turn To


Most hospitals close their cafeterias at night, so if a night shift nurse forgets their dinner, they’re stuck with vending machine snacks or the leftover sandwiches from the day before.

3. They Get All The “Leftover” Work

The day shift nurses work extra hard, too, but sometimes they forget what it’s like to work the night shift. They might leave some of the “less desirable” tasks because the nurses at night will surely have time, since everyone will be asleep. Well… refer to #1.

4. Their Inner Clock Never Gets Normal


No matter how long a nurse has worked the night shift, he or she will never adjust to the vampire schedule. The body just doesn’t get used to being awake all night and asleep when the sun is up. They may fall asleep at very strange times, like at your dinner party.

5. Their Patients Can Turn Sour


Being in the hospital is tough on everyone. When you’re not sleeping in your own bed and you’re sick or injured, you might turn into a bit of a pain in the behind. The night shift nurses often claim to get the worst of the rudeness, with tired patients at the end of their ropes.

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