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Night Shift Nurse

Not many nurses adore night shifts and the reason for their despise could well be attributed to heath problems, confused sleep patterns, and diet issues. Despite loathing the night shift, at one time or another every nurse has to face the music. So why running from it? Why not embrace it? Nursing is one of those profession which will never stop, even at 5:00 pm when everyone gets home to their families.

Nursing is all about caring for patients 24/7, patients who are hospitalized, patients present in the long-term facility care, or even present at the nursing homes. The job will never end, until we all learn to live with it, then there will be no fear running away from it. However, one might ask what is like being a night shift nurse? Some of the answers could be cruel, while others entertaining.

Spending a night shift could be both a disaster and wonderful for nurses. If one is passionate at what they do, the hours and the shifts become irrelevant in that matter. But when your are sleep deprived your body will feel tired and there will be a voice in your head constantly been screaming and wanting to go home. According to a research performed by Rogers (2015), 20% of the night shift nurses struggles to stay awake while caring for the patient. It could also affect social life as it becomes difficult to spend time with friends.

A list of motivational factors can run through nurses to spend the night shift. Apart from serving patients, other motivating factors could well be factual while in other cases hard to understand.Β 

Before and after pcitures could have well been associated with weight reducing products, but not anymore. It can also be related to nurses working in the night shift, because sometimes their appearance are hard to resemble.

With having nothing to keep them going till the end of the shift, it is normal for the night shift nurses to console themselves with the beauty which lingers just outside their window.

An NCBI research suggests that people who work the night shifts have greater health problems and carries a variety of chronic illness such as cardiac issues, cancer, and gastrointestinal diseases. Whereas, study by National Library of Medicine further reveals that driving while sleep-deprived can cause 1 million accidents in the whole US and results in nearly 8,000 deaths annually. Similarly, it can also be unsafe for patients getting treatment at night as compared to daylight shift.

It has further been researched that people who receives less than six hours of sleep are more likely to become victim for poor health quality when compared with individuals who gets more than six hours.

Some nurses tends to enjoy night shift more than any other shifts they have come accross. Mostly, when the families of the patients go home for the night, and when the lights go out patients need a little more reassurance from nurses to keep them company in the strange environment. Nurses often get more time with patients at night and reminisce with them, while in other cases nurses often realize their burden of care and attempts to cheer in any way they can.

But when these nurses gets a positive feedback from either patients or their family members, it is always a nice experience that tends to motivate them to do even more good for these patients.

Some people would just never sleep, and in the process might as well keep their neighbours from falling asleep due to their night time activities. But wishing to work as a night shift nurse for these people could be rather daunting. Be careful what you wish for!

With 75,000 night shift nurses considered as participants in a study published in American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 11% had shorter life span and 19% suffered with cardiovascular diseases. Being a night shift nurse can also get you through in trouble times, as it can let you crawl even in tight places.

Similarly, coffee could well be considered as the best antidote for night shift nurses. It helps them to push-off sleep so they can work the rest of the night shift actively. However, it does not seem to work with some patients.

Despite of all the hardships faced by nurses, but one would wonder why someone would want to risk their health, put their sleep on rest, and put their social life on the line. Unless there is a bigger cause that needs to be explored. Yes! Serving the humanity could well explain that.

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