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My Expression when my patient rate their Pain 10/10 As they laugh on the phone and eat their Cheese Burger and Fries

Patients are of different types and mindsets hence you cannot predict regarding their moods and reactions. They sometimes give a tough time to nurses specifically and they also tell a lie since they do not want to take medicines properly. Nurses have to deal them with utmost sincerity because they are bound to treat them in an appropriate way.

However, most of the time patients take unnecessary advantage and give an awkward impression to nurses. With the passage of time, things have changed to certain extent as patients are no longer cooperative and submissive. Here is the list of patients that demonstrate different sorts of emotions and reactions When they say their pain is 10/10.

15 Weird Types of Patients When they say their pain is 10/10 while eating and Laughing    

  • Allergic Patients
  • Talkative Patients
  • Disturbing Patients
  • Perverted Patients
  • Cooperative Patients
  • Mentally Sick Patients
  • Extremely Angry Patients
  • Loveable Patients
  • Completely Silent Patients
  • Really Excited Patients
  • Passive Dependant Patients
  • Independent- Skeptical Patients
  • Intellectual- Researcher Patients
  • Open Minded Patients
  • Expedient- Flexible Patients 

Allergic Patients


These patients can be easily found in any hospital because they are not interested in responding to nurses' queries. These are the people who do not like too much with other people such as nurses, medical staff and doctors as well. In reality these patients are known as people allergic.  

Talkative Patients

 Talkative Patients

These patients unlike allergic patients talk too much and take nurses' mental test every day. These sorts of patients are commonly known as talkative patients because they wish to tell everyone about their pasts and present scenarios. It becomes totally unbelievable when patients suggest their pain is crossing the maximum limit.

Disturbing Patients

 Disturbing Patients

These patients fall in the category of annoying patients since they call their care takers on a regular basis. In general, these people have a habit that really disturbs other people working around them. Therefore, these people are not much appreciated by the other people at all.

Perverted Patients

 Perverted Patients

These patients actually like to take advantage of every single opportunity because they like to flirt with the female medical staff especially nurses. They try to engage them through interactive discussion and offering friendship directly to them.

Cooperative Patients 

These patients do gain lot of acceptance and huge amount of respect and consideration by all the medical staff including nurses. They actually follow the advice of doctors and their care takers in true letter and spirit.  When they say their pain is 10/10 it looks quite true and nurses take every possible step to provide them care.

Mentally Sick Patients 

Mentally sick patients do not understand the viewpoints of others like their care takers and doctors. They seems to be quite rigid and stagnant type of people since they do not consider the thoughts and suggestions of others. When they say their pain is 10/10, it becomes difficult to trust them.

Extremely Angry Patients 

These patients are known due to their short tempered attitude, in addition they always thinking about other people in a negative way. Patients most of the time demonstrate negative behavior in front of the others.  They make their situation even more tough when they say their pain is 10/10.

Loveable Patients 

There are patients which you have to find in hospitals because they are always limited in numbers. However, these sorts of patients are much appreciated by others since they value the presence of their care takers and doctors too. They get full support when these patients suggest their pain is 10/10. These patients also offer their food and other stuff to their care takers and doctors.

Completely Silent Patients 

These patients do not talk to anybody instead they like to see the walls and the roofs of their rooms all the time. Furthermore, they do not provide enough information regarding their past illness to their doctors and other medical staff. When they indicate their pain is reaching the maximum limit nurses have to make sure first.

Really Excited Patients 

These patients remain motivated and energetic during their stay at hospitals. They give ample amount of energy and ray of hope to all the people working around them. Patients who offer lots of encouragement to their care takers do influence others in a positive manner.

Passive Dependent Patients


These patients actually remain dependant on the viewpoints and suggestions of others. They remain pessimistic throughout their treatments and it becomes tough for doctors to motivate them in the right direction.

Independent-Skeptical Patients


These patients actually do not trust their well wishers including nurses and doctors quite easily.  These patients have their own viewpoints about their illness and they do not give appropriate importance to their doctors and care takers' advice.

Intellectual Researcher Patients


These patients are not found very common in hospitals however they like to ask about the nature of their diseases. Furthermore, they also think about the science applied behind the surgeries and medications along with therapeutic choices. They like to discuss their health conditions with the concerned professionals to attain best possible solution of their problems.   

Open Minded Patients


Open minded patients are actually emotionally strong kinds of individuals who discuss the nature of their illness and treatments in detail. As a whole, these patients are assumed as health conscious people because they are concerned about their diseases. In this way, they tend to develop good relationships with all the medical professionals related to their illness' treatments.

Expedient- Flexible Patients       

These patients are not interested in developing long term relationships with their doctors and care takers. Instead they are concerned about the cost of treatments mainly and they do not prefer to consult those doctors who are famous and expensive. When they experience their pain is exceeding the limit then nurses have to believe them

In a nutshell, it can be assumed considering the nature and reactions of distinct kinds of patients they want various types of care and attention. In this way, there is a likelihood that they will relate their treatments with their lifestyles and living patterns. 

Nurse Reactions When patients say My Pain is 10/10 Still they laugh and eat their favorite meals  

Nurses are also human beings which have emotions or feelings such as anger, frustration, happiness, excitement and love. But, patients in most cases do not provide the right answers to nurses. This situation literally creates a mess because the care taker is not aware of his or her patients health. Here is the list of different reactions nurses show whenever this scenario takes place. This list consists of:

  • Pissed Off
  • Sarcastic
  • Optimistic
  • Annoyed
  • Irritated

Pissed Off





In the last but not the least


Patients often rate their pain 10 out of 10 still they prefer to laugh and share jokes with others. However, they do not tell the truth to their nurses or care takers and this act does not solve their issues a  great deal. Patients need to be crystal clear about their feelings because it is better to be realistic and true to your doctors and nurses. Since these individual work really hard to provide you desired level of treatment and care.  

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