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Miriam Merten, A Lady Who Died In The Most Tragic And Dreadful Way

It would not be wrong to say that we live in an extremely harsh world. Since, every day we come across with different kinds of heartbreaking incidents. Miriam Merten, 46 year old woman died recently around NSW hospital in inhumane manner. She was found naked and drugged at the time of her death.

According to Miriam’s family, former health minister Jillian Skinner did not allow them to find out the situation of deceased for the last three years. Few days ago, a CCTV footage revealed that Miriam Merten was locked in an isolation room for indefinite time period. Her family claimed that she was left alone to die in the most disgraceful manner.

Miriam Minister was suffering from mental health issues and getting treatment at Lismore Base Hospital. On June 3, 2014 the night during Miriam was died, it was explored that she was left with no food, water and other necessary stuff. She fell throughout that night hence her head was hit more than 20 times.

Corina Merten (Right) with her mother Miriam (Left) Image source: Supplied

Previously, the family was informed by hospital management that Miriam slipped and fell in the shower which eventually became a cause of her death. Conversely, the causes of her death emerged as traumatic and hypoxia brain damage that happened due to frequent falls. She also tried to beat herself as she hit her head with walls unintentionally. Another source exposed that the patient was provided psychotropic drugs and she fell on the floor at least one time.

However, the management of Lismore Base hospital did not notice and overlooked this incident. It was a kind of deliberate act that was repeated on numerous occasions by the Adult Mental Health Care Unit of the hospital. The family told that all these acts resulted in the sad and vicious demise of Miriam Merten in the end.

Considering the reason of Miriam’s death, NSW government decided to review the prevailing mental health system altogether. Furthermore, the family believes that the real culprit of this whole incident is Jillian Skinner since she was working as NSW health minister at that time.

During the earlier months of 2017, Jillian Skinner suddenly resigned from the post of health minister and seat of parliament too. Miriam Merten’s father tried his level best to discuss the issue of her beloved daughter with Skinner. But, he was not able to get the right response from her.

Unfortunately, Skinner did not take her responsibility well enough in Miriam Merten’s case. Miriam Merten was a daughter, lovely sister, kind hearted cousin and devoted mother in her family.

If Miriam had given all the required medication and much needed attention in a timely manner, she would have survived gracefully for sure.        


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