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Man Punched On The Face Of Pregnant Nurse And The Rest is History

This is surely not a fiction in fact it is a real incident that took place at Zohngnan Hospital located in Wuhan, China. An elderly woman suffering from aphasia (the inability to speak and comprehend speech) was being treated by 34 year old nurse. The patient’s son was angry since he was asked to wait a bit more to obtain his mother’s CT scan result.

He rushed to 24 year old nurse as he was so much furious with the nurse and said, I dare you to say that again. The nurse patiently told him to wait for a moment, as soon as he listened this statement from the nurse he tried to beat her. The other staff nurses tried to prevent the nurse who told the man that she was pregnant.

The man responded, so what if you are pregnant and punched on the face of nurse. As a result, the nurse lost her tooth and went into concussion. Furthermore, It is also uncertain whether her child is safe or not. The man was detained by the hospital security first then arrested by the police later on.

Although the man apologized to the wounded nurse but the hospital has decided to take legal action against the man to support their injured employee. In addition, the management of Zhongnan Hospital has emphasized on this fact that all the male and female hardworking nurses should be given utmost respect by the society.   


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