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ICU Nurse Salary — A Detailed Guide, Benefits and Factors that Influence It

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How much money do you think a critical care unit nurse makes a year? According to recent studies carried out by the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average ICU nurse salary is approximately $97,000 per annum.

While the figure may seem a bit high, it’s interesting to note that the top 10% of highest paid critical care nurses actually earn well over $130,000 per year. The average amount is leveled off by the bottom 10% of nurses who make around $68,000 annually. Not bad for new practitioners, right?

But why such a major variation between these two figures? A $62,000 difference is quite substantial. What makes the one care specialist get almost double their colleague’s salaries?

Well, just like in football, the starting quarterback definitely earns more than the substitute. Why? Because he’s proved himself as the best. He’s played longer, understands the team inside and out, puts in some serious hours in practice and knows how to make a game plan that will push all the way from first down to touchdown.

Basically, what I’m really trying to say (without sounding like a rabid football fan) is that there are a plethora of dynamics that go into influencing the annual salary of any medical professional.

Let’s take a much closer look at the most influential factors that will determine the actual sum for different ICU nurse practitioners.

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