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Heart-Wrenching Story of a Mother Caring for Her Month-Old Infant Daughter

Evlyn, the first new born baby of Charlotte Szakacs and Attila died four weeks after being born with a rare chromosomal abnormality.

Before Evlyn was born, Charlotte went through scans every two weeks throughout her pregnancy which revealed that Evlyn had an unbalanced chromosome translocation. The doctors predicted that this rare condition could result in an underdeveloped brain, narrowed airways which meant that she would never be able to breathe on her own, and severe mental and physical disabilities.

After Evlyn was born, the doctors informed Charlotte and Attila that they may think of moving Evlyn to a hospice. Charlotte wouldn’t believe what doctors were saying and also wasn’t ready to make such an important decision.

But after Evlyn’s condition got worse and worse in the next week, the parents could either see their daughter die in a hospital where she was surrounded by beeping machines, or they would let her go peacefully in their arms in a lovely hospice.

Charlotte recalled, “Without a doubt it is the hardest decision a parent has to make, but I also knew that keeping her at a hospital would be selfish.”

After moving her to the hospice, parents got to cuddle their daughter for the first time before they removed the breathing tube and turned off the ventilator. After two minutes Evlyn had passed away.

After battling against the odds for four weeks, Evlyn passed away in the arms of her parents on January 10.

The last thing a parent want is their child to be sick and not to breathe on their own. Despite this agonizing reality, the couple clung to the tiny bit of hope they could muster and prayed that she would survive.

After all these months of carrying Evlyn in to her womb, Charlotte describes her feeling that it doesn’t feel real, as if she’s empty. At one time she had all the stuff ready for her daughter at the time of pregnancy, but now when she’s no more it feels unreal and hard to explain.

It was during her funeral when the reality started to sink in. But the couple console themselves and relieves their pain by knowing that Evlyn is in a better place.

To help Evlyn parents in recovering from the grieving process, Martin House Hospice developed a refrigerated cot to let them spend some extra time with Evlyn after she had died.

‘I would do anything to have her here with me, but at least we now know that she isn’t suffering’ said Charlotte after spending final moments with her daughter.

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