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Did you ever wonder what RN symbol actually mean?

Caduceus is a term used for the symbolic image of two serpents wrapped around a staff. The nurse symbol has letters R and N placed on either side of the staff, and those letters are an abbreviation for the title ”Registered Nurse’.

The caduceus is a representation of the accomplishment that the students have made by completing school, which is a difficult task that requires much dedication. The symbol is usually imprinted on uniforms or used in signs and logos and has come to be commonly known as the registered nurse symbol.

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The origin of the registered nurse symbol dates back to centuries ago and has its roots in the ancient Roman mythology. Since then, the use and meaning of this symbol have undergone much modification by various medical organizations.

The symbol of the staff is seen to be the one that was carried by Hermes, the Roman god messenger and he used it as a magic wand. At the upper part of the staff, there were two wings, and there were two serpents winding around it. It has been reported a man in ancient Rome named Tiresias once saw two snakes fighting, then he threw a staff at them and they intertwined themselves around it thus giving rise to the symbol.

Immediately after, he was transformed into a woman and remained in that state for seven years until he was able to repeat that same action and change back to a man. The transformative power of the action was passed onto the staff, which was later given to Hermes.

“At the time, the serpents represented aspects of wisdom, fertility, and healing. In modern medicine, the image was first adopted by the American Medical Association in 1910”.

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