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Children as young as two months old are being sold to Paedophiles: Watch the Video

We already knew this world was comprised of hatred, racism and injustice. However, we didn’t know that there are people who can do more than worst to fulfill their inhumane desires. Mother’s love is the best blessing the world has ever seen, yet it can turn out to be the worst nightmare a child can experience.    

 Stacey Dooley, a renowned London-based investigative journalist did a sting operation to expose the bitter reality of this world in a horrifying manner. She had to travel all the way from London to Philippines so that she could find the hidden truth by making a documentary which is named as “Mums selling their kids for money”.  

In Philippines, mothers sexually abuse their children on webcams just for the sake of money. Furthermore, mothers use their kids for trafficking purpose and sell them to paedophiles. These paedophiles mainly belong to the countries like UK and US.

Stacey is an experienced journalist who has been working with BBC Three for so many years. She had to spend time with an undercover homeland agent whose name is “Mike” to explore the reality behind this story. 

Mike had contacted with a women through a fake profile to collect the actual evidence in detail. He asked the women if their children could perform sex or not. Mike explained Stacey that mothers were willing to perform horrible acts on their children to get the money and fulfill the demands of customers.  He also said that paedophiles are interested to see the dreadful abuse of a child most of the time.     

A child can be asked by paedophiles to ignite on fire as they want to enjoy this kind of torture or brutality. They are mentally sick and mostly psychopath people who like violence. 

Stacey involved herself in a sting operation that was planned by homeland task force along with Mike to obtain the much needed evidence. For this purpose, two mothers who are sisters in reality were also involved. These sisters approached Mike at a private place to explain him how their children can perform sex before getting money as a part of the deal.   

This is how the two mothers were arrested by homeland taskforce after Mike and his team gathered enough evidence. Surprisingly, women did not show any regret or sign of guilt. When Stacey met them in the prison to find out their views, it was quite shocking to hear that women blamed their children straightaway.

According to these women, children do these things themselves, we cannot control them. In addition, they also said that young children also do these things which they should not do. We were not trying to sell them. 

Both women have been charged with multiple charges like life sentence, child pornography, and child trafficking as well. Stacey was in a state of shock when she told another side of the story to the media. She said it is completely a false claim made by the mothers. She also added that it is quite depressing when you see such kind of mentality since these mothers were supposed to protect their children.   

This is the correct action that has been taken in the right direction by the authorities to protect the kids. The children are being provided protection in Filipino care system. They are also being offered emotional and psychological support as revealed by Stacey. 

It is difficult to predict how much these children can suffer from post-traumatic stress in reality. However the important is, children are in safe hands now and they will be nurtured by the right people in future.     

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