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An ICU Nurse Who Transformed a Plastic Collection in to an Inspirational Piece of Artwork

Tida Shalof, an ICU nurse with nearly 30 years of experience in the nursing field has been collecting the bits of plastics, and now she knows what to do with them.

Over her career she has been treating some of the sickest people in Toronto General Hospital. Normally, the plastic pieces such as the medicine caps, tube connectors, syringe coverings, lids, and IV tubes that are usually thrown away in the trash, Tida Shalof spent almost 30 years collecting them and now she has a wonderful use of it.

Amazingly, Shalof has turned that collection in to a mural that represents the most vibrant colors and pretty shapes that reminds her of all the lives that were saved and lost.

10,000 pieces of plastics have been embedded in a manner that represents an awe-inspiring piece of art work that can be remembered down the line as a memorial which brings back great memories.

The inspirational piece of artwork which measures 4 feet high and 9 feet long now hangs at Toronto General Hospital.

All the pieces of plastics may not be as cheerful and meaningful separately, but when are combined together it can create a lot of meaning for patients and drives inspiration for nurses.

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