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A Transformation Of Cancer Patient to Cancer Nurse


Clara Markiewicz, a 19 year old cancer survivor is becoming a nurse. When she was four years old, she was diagnosed with cancer and offered 40% chance of survival. However thanks to clinical trial, she was able to fight with this deadliest diseases and returned to normal life.

Clara Markiewicz was suffering from nerve damage, stomach issues and phases of chronic fatigue syndrome. She told Newsbeat, Chemo affects you and the cancer too. Clara was battling through the issue of acute myeloid leukaemia (AML).

Leukaemia is known as the cancer of white blood cells. It needs immediate treatment because it increases at an alarming pace. Hence, she stayed in hospitals for six months and cherish all those moments spent during that time. 

Clara remembers all the time spent in hospitals which she enjoyed and made her scared at times too. She loved playing in the wards, developing friends and lose them as well. She had to experienced four (4) rounds of chemotherapy and various operations.

The last operation was conducted because of side effects occurred on my neck, Clara revealed. There were different sorts of investigative operations followed due to stomach problems. The doctors were not sure if I required a bag or something else.

Clara said, there is a colostomy bag used to deflect one end of the large intestine with an opening in the abdominal wall known as surgical procedure. She also went through lot of anxiety during her childhood as she also suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

A chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) affects your daily life activities and is not reduced even if you have taken rest or sleep. This is why Clara just managed six GCSEs and began with three A-levels at the university of Southampton. However, it did not demoralize her at all because she started idealizing people working around her.  

Ever since I was diagnosed with cancer, nurses have become my role models. They can be your best friends when nobody wants to be your friend, Clara revealed. You can discuss your problems with nurses since your loved ones are not available in a hospital for you always.

Therefore, I started my child nursing course and I am literally loving every moment of it. It is a high time to provide awareness about all the hard work nurses usually put in for their patients. You should talk about this issue even if you have successfully recovered from this disease.

It was surely a difficult time for me and for my family because my brother lost her mother's love for six month. Furthermore, my father had to work day and night to make both ends meet. Still, I feel myself very lucky to be a part of courageous family that stood beside me during the challenging times.  

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