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A Realistic Horror Story: Devoted Mother Rita Wolfensohn Maintains Dead Son's Remains For 8 Years

We live in a world where nothing seems natural except mother's love. There are instances that happen in our daily lives which suggest a relationship between mother and her child will always remain unbelievable. 

Rita Wolfensohn an elderly women from Brooklyn New York has kept her dead son's remains for eight years. According to Huffington Post 's article, a relative Josette Buchman found dead man Louis Wolfensohn's  remains in his home during September 2016. She was getting few things for Rita Wolfensohn, her 80 year old hospitalized relative.     

Josette Buchman informed Huffington Post that she went to the second floor bedroom where she identified a dead body. In simple words, a decomposed skeletal remain was present on the floor.  Later on Josette informed the police and then city medical examiner removed the skeletal remains from the scene. The authorities examined the remains and realized that Louis Wolfensohn died in 2008.  

The deceased man was a taxi driver by profession who would have turned 51 at the time of car accident. However according to one of his relative, his family did not see him for the last 20 years. This statement makes this horrifying story more interesting and suspicious. The cause of death is still unknown and has not been disclosed publically.

Interestingly, the death of Louis Wolfensohn was assumed as natural. Furthermore, he was considered as severely ill person at the time of his death. According to the viewpoint of one neighbor, the vehicle of deceased person was not moved for so many years.

In addition, the image present on Google Earth also confirmed that the vehicle was not moved for the last 10 years.

The reason why Rita Wolfensohn kept her son's remains is still unknown and needs proper justification. As per the findings of NYPD post, the elderly woman was not aware of the fact that she was living with the skeletal remains of her son for 8 years.

There are different myths related to this unbelievable story. Hence, it can be easily perceived as the weirdest story you will ever come across in your life.    


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