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A day in the life of a nurse

A day in the life of every nurse is full of hectic workload that includes different kinds of routine activities and unplanned tasks. If you want to be a successful nurse in your life, then you should get ready to face the challenges of nursing from day one.

There is no point in denying this fact that nurses have to juggle with different sorts of tasks at one point of time. They have to wake up early in the morning then they need to kick start their hectic schedule by arriving early to the workplace. Here is the list of activities performed by nurses during a 12 hour shift, these activities include:

  • Getting a feedback from staff nurse

After arriving to the workplace, nurses do take important notes about different patients from staff nurse who actually handovers his or her duties to them. It is necessary to get as much information as possible because nurses have to take care of their patients in a delicate manner.  

  • Welcoming all the Patients

First of all, nurses have to greet the patients since this gesture gives them pleasant feelings about the nurse. Nurses need to create friendly relationships with all their patients so that they can trust each other and share confidential information with each other quite easily.

  • Jotting down the key information

During a usual 12 hour shift, nurses record personal and key information of the patients through a pager or any electronic data device. In this way, they can be informed about the patients' progress in a timely way.

  • Following operating protocols

Nurses are also required to follow standard operating protocols and procedures to take care of their patients in an appropriate way. With the help of these protocols, it becomes quite easy for nurses to provide maximum care to patients in the right direction.

  • Take rounds frequently

Nurses are also responsible of taking frequent visits during their shifts because they have to communicate with each patient directly. Through this activity, they are able to build strong and fruitful relationships with patients that help them to take required measures in proactive manner.

  • Afternoon releases

In the afternoon, nurses have to review the situations of different patients and after attaining satisfaction reports from doctors, they discharge the patients. This is one of the most important activities since they have to prepare patients discharge report in a careful way.

  • Final stretch

It is time to pack up and handover your duties to the next staff nurse. At this moment nurses are needed to complete the patients follow up report and discuss any crucial observation with the night nurse if needed. This is the way how nurses usually end up their long hectic but successful day shift. 

Final Thoughts

A day in the life of any nurse is full of surprises and unanticipated tasks however nurses are trained to cope up with these challenges on a daily basis. Therefore, one should always know that nursing profession is not a bed of roses, in fact, it is the art of anticipating different kinds of mental and physical challenges in an unusual manner.

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