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A Boy With 98% Destroyed Brain Shows Great Improvement

It would not be wrong to say that nothing is impossible in this world. A boy named as Noah Wall has defied the odds after he learned counting. Doctors were not optimistic when Noah developed hydrocephalus in the womb, a kind of fluid that drives the brain against the skull and virtually damages all the tissues.

Noah's parents Rob, 50, and Shelly, 44 were so scared before the birth as they bought the coffin for their unborn son. However, things started improving since after his birth because his brain progressed considerably and he was able to survive.   

Now, the boy can easily hold the pen and able to write his name .Above all, he knows how to count till ten.  His interesting and eye opening story was shown in the Channel 5 Show " The Boy Who Grew a Brain".

The doctors had informed the parents of Noah about his condition that their unborn son is unlikely to survive because he developed hydrocephalus. Conversely, Noah survived and has made major improvement in terms of mental health during the last year. 

Presently, Noah is on wheelchair having different health related issues but his parents are hopeful that he can walk some day on his own in future. He was facing difficulty in recognizing numbers nine months ago. However after getting continuous support from his parents and his own resolve, he has improved and surpassed the expectations of his doctors.  

According to Noah's mother Shelly, he has been chanting his name so much and tries to pronounce the words. Furthermore, he has shown a desire of writing which is a good sign for the functioning of his brain. Noah follows her mother's finger and writes his name.

On the other side, this journey  was not quite easy and smooth for Noah. His mother Shelly realized during pregnancy that her son had a list of health related issues. These issues include spina bifida a condition which stops spine from normal growth.   

He has gone through with a major operation conducted on his hips. Still, Noah has to improve in the right direction because he will go through with series of major operations in future. In the meantime, his brain has continued to improve and now works almost perfectly. His parents are determined that one day they will see their son walking by himself.   

Noah's parents think nothing is impossible if you want to challenge your limitations. However, you need to be focused and motivated throughout your life.

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