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9 Best Crystal Necklace that Every Women Must Wear

Crystal stones could be worn for various purposes and interest. A crystal stone can serve as a healing agent because of its healing properties while it can also serve as a fashion statement for many women. Whatever the reason maybe, crystal necklaces are easily the most attractive jewelry with striking pendants and sparkling crystal beads.

Necklaces could be formed by metals, woven pieces of clothes, or strings. But the necklaces which are formed by colorful crystal stones are soothing to the eyes and even better looking when it is worn. Below is the list of 9 best crystal necklaces that every women must wear for different occasions:

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Rhinestone Choker Crystal Necklace

Rhinestone Choker Crystal Necklace is a punk style crystal necklace which contains zinc alloy as a metal type. Zinc alloy is a strong and a durable material and can easily exceed the quality and material with that of aluminum, bronze, and plastic. It is also known as a collar necklace which had become popular in the early 90’s. The crystal necklace is round in shape and is about 33.5-40 cm in length and a width of 1.9 cm. Rhinestone crystals are present at the front which is an imitation of a diamond to decorate a jewelry. Leather material is used at the back of the necklace.

Braided Crystal Necklace

Braided Crystal Necklace is a special type of necklace that uses resin crystal stones and are shaped as stars. The chain type used in the crystal necklace could be seen as a rope chain style, while plating consists of an imitation of rhodium which add shines and sparkle to the necklace. The length of the necklace is about 50-52 cm and contains a weight of about 55g per piece. This crystal necklace could be worn on various occasions such as party and wedding, while it can also be considered as a perfect product for offering as a gift.

Classic Vintage Crystal Necklace

Classic Vintage Crystal Necklace is a fashionable crystal necklace that uses zinc alloy with gold plated as its material type. The chain used in the necklace is a snake chain and contains 7 crystals as its pendant. The size of the pendant is 3cm while the total length of the necklace is 51cm. Its necklace type is a choker necklace and its geometrical shape and pattern enhances the beauty of the necklace. The shining crystals make the geometry of the pendant look modern and attractive.

Blue Austrian Owl Crystal Necklace

Blue Austrian Owl Crystal Necklace contains a fine owl-shaped pendant attached to the link chain. The owl pendant contains 3 rhinestone crystals which have been obtained from Austria, while the size of the pendant is approximately 3.75 cm, whereas, the size of the entire necklace is 43.5cm. The metal type that has been used in the crystal necklace is zinc alloy gold plated material which is trendy in style and is durable for long-terms. It can be the perfect valentine gift for the loved ones.

Maxi Charms Bead Crystal Necklace

Maxi Charms Bead Crystal Necklace is Bohemian style crystal necklace which is round in shape and contains a large crystal at the center of the pendant and small crystals encircling the pendant. The size of the pendant is 7.5cm while the metal used in the pendant is zinc alloy. As it can be seen in the picture, the chain type in the necklace is a rope chain which remains comfortable for the neck. The length of the crystal necklace is 50cm, while its weight is around 58g.

Natural Stone Bullet Crystal Necklace

Natural Stone Bullet Crystal Necklace contains a well-crafted natural stone with a shape of a bullet as its pendant that can be worn by women of all age groups. Its trendy style and geometrical shape and pattern makes it attractive to all age types. The size of the pendant is 48mm while the length of the entire chain is 48cm. The metal type is gold plated and possesses a function of anti-radiation. The chain associated with the necklace is a link chain. Since it uses a natural stone, each stone could vary from another as presented in the picture.

Heart Angel Crystal Necklace

Heart Angel Crystal Necklace is a heart-shaped necklace with rhinestone pearls and crystals surrounding the pendant. With zinc alloy as its metal type and a link chain that hangs around the neck makes a perfect combination to form a romantic style crystal necklace. The length of the necklace is 40cm along with 5 cm extra chain, while the pendant size is of 3.4 cm wide. The colorful rhinestone crystals present in the heart-shaped pendant makes it look attractive and worthwhile.

Joyas de Plata Crystal Necklace

Joyas de Plata Crystal Necklace is a silver plated necklace that contains zircon crystal heart-shaped pendant. The length of the chain is 2.5 inches while the length of the pendant is 2.10 cm. The crystal necklace does not contain nickel therefore it is anti-allergic. The chain type is water-wave chain, whereas, the weight of the necklace is 4.5g. The necklace can easily be gifted to women on their wedding or at Valentine ’s Day. Joyas de plata refers to ‘silver jewelry’.

Elliptical Crystal Necklace

Elliptical Crystal Necklace as the name suggest is an egg or an oval-shaped pendant necklace that contains a large crystal which is 3.8 cm wide and 3 cm in length. The link chain which is hung around the neck is thicker because of the 3 link chains attached that lifts the weight of the large crystal pendant. It is a punk style necklace and uses zinc alloy as its metal type. The crystal used in the necklace has a mood tracker that detects energy of an individual and changes its color according to their emotional state.

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