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9 Anatomical Products that Impresses Everyone

Medical students and professionals are familiar with the term ‘anatomy’ as it is the science that deals with the structure of plants and animals. But they can be less familiar with the anatomical products available for teaching purposes or as a wearable item.

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Anatomical products are the replica of a human organ or a body part to either show an effection and love for medical profession or to demonstrate their understanding towards human anatomy. For any reason it might pose, anatomical products are hard to resist!   

Browse below for our wide range of anatomical products for medical students and professionals:

Anatomical Lungs Necklace


Anatomical Lungs Necklace is a stainless steel necklace which looks appealing due to its lustrous silver color and its deatiled shape of the lungs. The necklace is 45 cm long and is specifically worn by women. It has a link chain associated with the pendant which is silver in color same as the color of pendant.

Stainless steel products offer durablity because of its strong resistance to corrosion. This product can be gifted to friends and is worn in occasions such as parties, while on work, and for daily purposes.

Anatomy Heart Stud Earrings


Heart Stud Earrings are an exquisite human heart-shaped earrings that can be won by both men and women. The closure-style is a push-back style which is easier in either wearing it or removing it.

It is a stainless steel product which means that the color of these earrings will remain the same and will not fade. The pendant’s size is 14 mm in length and 10 mm wide. The product is available in three colors i.e. gold, silver, and rose.

Human Hollow Heart Necklace


Human Hollow Heart Necklace is a vintage and punk-style anatomical necklace designed specifically for men. The pendant illustrates a detailed shape of human heart that has a length of 2.8 cm and a width of 1.5 cm. The chain-type used in the product is the link chain and it carries a total length of 50 cm.

Zinc alloy is a highly popular material that is used in high quality necklaces and for individuals that have allergies from various metals. This necklace is also preferred as a perfect product for gifting purposes. The anatomical necklace is available in gold and silver colors.

Anatomical Human Rib Cage Necklace


Anatomical Human Rib Cage Necklace is another human rib cage necklace that is made from zinc alloy but is colored in antique silver that gives a retro look. This anatomical necklace can be worn by both men and women, while it possesses a link chain that is hung from the pendant.

The product is made eco-friendly and considers environmental standard in view during its production. The length of the entire necklace is 50 cm, while the length of the pendant alone is 3 cm.  The product can be worn as a daily wear, in anniversaries, while shopping, and visiting the hospital or an office.

Human Heart Canvas Painting


Human Heart Canvas Painting is an A3, A4, and A5 size canvas painting with an exquisite design of a human heart with a blend of nature and the human organ. With the use of original watercolors, the canvas painting has brought a human heart back to life.

It feels refreshing and soothing to eyes to watch these colors reflect the mark of beauty and exclusiveness. The ink used in the canvas painting is waterproof which will not harm the painting even if the water is sprinkled over it.

Vintage Anatomical Rib Cage Necklace


Vintage Anatomical Rib Cage Necklace represents a human rib cage and designed in a manner that it looks trendy and people are comfortable wearing the necklace. It is highly appealing to medical students and young nurses because this necklace can be worn in occasions such as in parties, dating, and wedding ceremonies.

The material used in the product is similar to the above-mentioned product i.e. zinc alloy and is not considered a source of causing allergies. The product is available in gold color and is a unisex product.

Human Brain Anatomical Model


Human Brain Anatomical Model is an exact replica of a human brain that has been divided in to 8 parts for an easy demonstration for medical educators and students. The product is built from PVC material which is non-toxic and carries a lighter weight than other materials such as wood, plastic, or metal.

Different color markings have been set for nerves and arteries. Arteries are labeled in red color, while cranial nerves are lableled in yellow color. A manual has been provided with the model that illustrates 130 labeled structures that has been designed in the product. It is an ideal product for people who are associated with medical field that includes students, professionals, and instructors.

Human Heart Anatomical Model

Human Heart Anatomical Model is a pefect educational and demonstration tool. The product is made up of plastic that remains durable and can serve its purpose for a longer period of time. It illustrates a detailed anatomy of human heart that includes ventricles, atriums, veins, valves, and the aorta. The best feature of this model are its removable chambers and other internal structures.

While demonstrating the human heart functions, medical educator can easily remove each chamber and specifically demonstrate the role of each in the flow of blood. The anatomical model also have a removable stand that can be fixed on a table. The length of the product (from the stand to the heart) is 21 cm, and a blend of different colors makes education a little more fun.

Skull Pendant Anatomy Necklace

Skull Pendant Anatomy Necklace is a mark of fashion statement not just in the medical community but also in general. The pendant is round in shape, while in center it contains a human skeleton and a crow, both blazing in red hot flame.

The product uses different materials for its production such as zinc alloy and glass. The length of the chain is 50 cm and the size of the pendant in 27*27 mm. It is both for men and women’s wear, while the pendant can be availabe in two colors i.e. orange and purple.

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