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6 Reasons why Male CNA are Perfect for Nursing

There is no denying the fact that male nurses are gradually increasing in the ratio since the past decade. In 2010 alone, the ratio of male Certified Nursing Assistance (CNA) was only 5.4% as compared to 94.5% female CNA’s. In just one year, the ratio of male CNA surmounted to 9%.

Nursing is deemed as a female-heavy industry, but considering the rate of male CNA’s pouring in the industry it will be an even ground in the next decade. However, a certain stereotyping does not give appreciation a male CNA deserves. Care, harmony, empathy, and other similar traits are often associated with female CNA’s and as a result people do not hold a popular opinion for a male CNA.   

But surely there is a reason why male CNA’s have been surviving in the female-heavy industry? Here are the 6 best reasons why male CNA’s are perfect in the nursing industry and why nursing profession needs male CNA’s.

Physical and Emotional Strength

Men being physically stronger than women gives them a slight edge for male CNA as they can lift things or even patients most times. As they have most mass than women, they have got the code ‘man-power’, even though it seems to reflect as a sexist term.

The stereotype that involves male CNA’s being treated for heavy-lifting is gradually fading and currently being respected as a nursing colleague, but nonetheless it is a mere advantage that male CNA possesses physical strength.

Male CNA’s are well drawn towards intense practice in nursing such as the critical care or emergency services. The main reason being the ability of male CNA’s to remain emotionally strong and are able to handle even the most scariest site of a human condition.

Having said that, strength of a woman must never be underestimated, neither each gender must be differnetiated on the basis of their physical attributes.

Constructuve Competition

Competition may be a social process where people would try to do their best at whay they do, so they can be termed highly competitive than others. According to Gallup research, women are hostile towards other women when it comes to competition. The research also suggest that both men and women are equally competitive, but men are generally found to have friendlier relationship with their counterparts unlike women.

The brains are wired differently in a male CNA and that helps them to think differently than femal nurses. Men are not shy in doing things their own way or apply a different approach in to practice, but mostly their stance is to get things done through collaboration and helping other nurses to meet their goals.

Competition is a necessary factor that can motivate an individual to excel, but often competition can reach up to an extent where it becomes destructive. People might hold information instead of circulating it around the hospital that only benefits themselves. Constructive competition promotes an environment to succeed and let others succeed, this trait can be found in a male CNA.

Gender Difference

The stories of male nurses being admired by female patients are not unheard of. For a modest women it is a comforting feeling to know a male CNA is looking after you even if it is professional care.

It is a common misconception that female patients would only want female CNA’s for their care. Even though this statement may hold true for most part in certain procedures or treatments, but it is surprising to know how much female patients admire male CNA.

Countless stories are told about old female patients who wouldn’t lift a finger all day, but when a male nurse steps foot in to the room old patients feel confident of their physical ability. This is due to the dominating presence of a man which seems enough for old patients. Male CNA brings both critical thinking and clinical skills just as they bring compassion and care for patients.

Less Gossip

Whatever we do to remain professional, gossip and cattiness seems to exist in every organization. Stereotype if you may call it, but men are less involved in gossip than women. It is not like that men do not particpate in gossips, but they usually do not take as much interest as women does.

In a professional environment such as a healthcare organization, patients’ information are hold confidential and gossiping has to remain in check. Male CNA are less bothered about their environment or to talk about people behind their back which makes them a perfect candidate for the nursing job. Leak in patient’s confidential information can pose a threat for both nurses and the hospital.


With all the benfits of working as a nurse, there is a strong camarederie that nurses seem to develop. Nurses spend greater proportionate of their time at hospitals and that includes breaking bread with coworkers. As a result, long-lasting bonds are created.

The outside activities of male CNA’s also involves hanging out for a Superbowl, eating dinner at restaurants, sharing their tales, and other similar activities which brings them a lot closer than female CNA’s. A strong bonding can help raise motivation of a male CNA. As George Bernard Shaw quotes, there is no sincerer love than the love of food, suits well for men.

Enjoys the Profession

Being a nurse offers various challenges everyday which not only allows a male CNA to experience new things, but also enhances their abilities to perform new tasks. Men often enjoys constant challenges being posed at them and that what makes a profession enjoyable.

Men not only enjoys at what they do, but they are also enjoyable to work with. We can all admit to the fact that nursing job can be hectic and stressful, and who wouldn’t like to work with a cool and collective male CNA who would not only work hard but make people laugh all around.

While being on the minority side, male CNA carefully pick their battles and are often calm and funny. Nursing is in a deeper need of individuals that have a different perspective and ideas to nursing so that the entire nursing field can grow and prosper.

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