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6 Exceptional-looking Stainless Steel Bracelets for Men and Women

Stainless Steel jewelry is increasingly gaining popularity in recent years due to its unique ability to resist corrosion and stains. Jewelries that are constantly exposed to water and different set of temperatures corrodes the metal, thus stainless steel jewelries prevent from deformation or change in color.

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Stainless steel bracelets are hard to go unnoticed due to its shiny metal and engraved hologram that is suitable for all occasions. Women has been wearing bracelets since ages becuase of their significance for jewelries, until men have started to wear bracelets to get accustomed to glits and glamour of the world

If you are looking for a durable, resistant to corrosion, and a fashion statement stainless steel bracelets, then look no further as we have produced a list of 6 exceptional-looking stainless steel bracelets for both men and women that you must ought to try.

Charm Stainless Steel Bracelet

Charm Stainless Steel Bracelet is a fine bracelet for men where stainless steel is wrapped around silicone rubber hollow strap. The geometric shape and pattern embedded in to the steel enhances its vibrant look, while its clasp is vintage-style which are normally used in leather wrist watches and can be adjusted easily.

The charm stainless steel bracelet is 22 cm in length, 10 mm wide, and carries a weight of 15g. It has a black colored hollow strap and a silver colored stainless steel pendant. It is mostly worn by men, but it also a perfect choice for women due to its simple design. Mostly suitable for parties and weddings.

Basketball Sport Stainless Steel Bracelet

Basketball Sport Stainless Steel Bracelet is a sporty bracelet mostly worn by basketball players. It is a hologram bracelet with a stylish hologram designed on one end of the stainless steel pendant. Silicone rubber used in the bracelet contains a double-safety-clasp that can easily grip the wrists with maximum comfort.

It is a unisex stainless steel bracelet with a maximum length of 21 cm. The product can be available in 8 different colors, where each color is suited for different occasions. 2 silicon rubber strips filled with colors passes all the way from the stainless steel pendant to the double-safety-clasp.

Heart Stainless Steel Bracelet

Heart Stainless Steel Bracelet is for both men and women, and contains a heart-shaped pendant at the front. The geometrical shape of heart is made up of copper alloy which is the most versatile engineering material that is popular for its greater corrosion resistance and ductility.

The silicone rubber is plain and black in color, while due to its unique design it gives a shape of cuff bracelets. The product carries a weight of 15.4g and is 22cm in length. The width of the silicon rubber strap is 20 mm, while the width of heart-shaped pendant is 21 mm. The product also contains a double-safety-clasp which is made up of stainless steel.

Vintage Crystal Stainless Steel Bracelet

Vintage Crystal Stainless Steel Bracelet contains opal beads crystals which are separated from small bezels attached from the stainless steel base. It is a woman vintage bracelet which is round in shape and presents an elegant look. A hidden-safety clasp is also present in the bracelet which remains hidden to the on-lookers.

Since the opal bead crystals are attached onto an elastic rope, it makes the bracelet elastic. The pendant of the stainless steel bracelet is another bead crystal which is wrapped around flower-design stainless steel as presented in the picture above. This bracelet could be gifted to a woman regardless of any occasion.

Fashion Leather Stainless Steel Bracelet

Fashion Leather Stainless Steel Bracelet constitutes of a genuine leather and a stainless steel ring as its pendant. The upper part of the leather texture is hard, while the inner part of the bracelet is smooth and do not harm the hands. This bracelet can easily go along with both men and women, and despite being a leather bracelet it can be worn at all occasions.

The total length of the bracelet is 22 cm, width 1.2 cm, and a simple leather strap clasp is present which remains easier to tighten up the bracelet. The black color of leather blends well with the silver stainless steel metal that allows the bracelet to be recognized from a distance.  

Fashion Silver Stainless Steel Bracelet

Fashion Silver Stainless Steel Bracelet is a beautiful blend of stainless steel, silicone rubber, and a variety of colors that enhances the beauty. The bracelet is designed as an eco-friendly product which is free from nickel and lead and therefore does not carry the source of skin allergies. The geometrical-shaped stainless steel pendant is blank and does not embed any hologram.

It is a standard size bracelet with 22 cm in length, 10.6 mm wide, and has a weight of 17.7g. This bracelet is present in 5 different colors that include white, blue, orange, yellow, and red. It is a unisex product and is wearable in occasions such as anniversary, engagement, and dating. The hidden-safety clasp remains comfortable when wrapped around the hands.

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