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50 Opinions That Suggest Life Is Too Short - Part 1

There are many people in our lives that come and go however create lot of impact in the end. Nature is always busy in creating such unique individuals such as Nurses. From their experiences, it becomes more prominent that people should do more what they love. Since nurses are those individual who actually follow this notion "Life is too Short" practically. 

Let us explore 50 opinions that indicate life is too short.  You can also contribute  your opinion about your life in the comments section below. Therefore, we can include your valuable opinions in our post to make it more meaningful.

Opinion # 50: Don't Wait for Happy Moments

There are people who actually wait for good things to come in their lives and don't make their present memorable and enjoyable. Life is a bag of mixed feelings, you enjoy your success at some point of time and suddenly you start experiencing negative feelings or thoughts about your failure. So please don't find reasons to enjoy instead make things happen to cherish your life.

Opinion # 49: Take Care of your Loved Ones    

Life in general does not offer many chances, so it is better to achieve all the chances you get in your life. If you find your loved ones need your attention then do provide them care and come up with their expectations.

Opinion # 48: Caring Gesture is Blessing

Nursing profession does enhance the overall level of care, affection and sympathy in different people. Hence, it becomes blessing in disguise since not everyone possesses this type of feelings.

Opinion # 47: Genuinely experience last breadth

Not every person in this world get a chance to experience the last breadths and moments of different people. Only nurses experience this unbelievable and realistic phenomenon on a continual basis.

Opinion # 46: Provides a Ray of Hope     

If you are fighting from a life threatening disease, still you can live your life in the best possible manner. Since, life is too short for remembering annoying things in your life so it is better to cherish every little moment that bring happiness in our lives.  

Opinion # 45: Great Reminder for All of Us

We should spend our lives in performing meaningful activities because we don't have too much time to do useless activities. Apart from this, it is also a great reminder for all of us that all good things which we experience in our lives will come to an end after some point of time. 

Opinion # 44: It is a lifelong process

Nursing is not a onetime activity, in fact it is a lifelong phenomenon in which a person dedicates his or her own life. As a result, an individual becomes much more stronger mentally as this profession enhances the psychological abilities to certain extent.  

Opinion # 43: It tells you the significance of life

There is no point in denying this reality that life is too short hence it should be lived accordingly. Since every person who has come in this world needs to develop his or her own personal objectives. Through these objectives, he or she could understand the true value of life because life is all about doing the right things. Therefore, it is necessary to create realistic objectives and effective action plan that will help you to achieve the purpose of your life in the end.   

Opinion # 42: Life is Precious

Life is quite memorable hence we should cherish all small moments that make our lives enthralling and meaningful. We should spend our lives in making others' lives productive because man is a social mammal. Therefore, we must communicate with others to solve their problems.

Opinion # 41: Indulge yourself for volunteering

We can also make our lives more valuable by contributing our services to humanity. A volunteering experience does offer great life experience to those who have never valued their lives properly.

Opinion # 40: Offers great Satisfaction on regular basis

Nursing is a great profession for all those people who want to attain greater job satisfaction and contentment in their lives. This profession has no end because it is a continuous phenomenon that never dies inside the person. 

Opinion # 39: Provides you a genuine feeling of Love and Care

Nursing profession is a great and much honorable profession as compared to other professions in the world. With the help of this profession, people realize the efforts of nurses in a true manner. In addition, they also understand the importance of their lives. As a result, they start helping others in an appropriate way.


Opinion # 38: Understand the impacts of nursing on Humanity

We all human beings should understand the true impacts of nursing profession since it has made valuable contributions to the cause of humanity. Above all, this profession has also motivated other people to work for the betterment of other people.  

Opinion # 37: Offers you Positive Thinking

Life is very auspicious and at the same time it is very meaningful for successful people. Since, all the people who obtain success at some point in their lives know that they have positive feelings and thinking that make their lives more productive and influential for others.

Opinion # 36: Stay Positive under any Circumstances

Your life is too valuable for you and for your loved ones as well. Hence, you should remain positive in your difficult times because your loved ones perceive you as a source of motivation and energy. Life is all about anticipating all the hardships and pressures through a positive mindset. It is your life and you should know how to deal with tough scenarios. In this way, you are able to enjoy your life to the fullest.   


Opinion # 35:  You surely realize what is important in Your life


The life of every individual for himself or herself therefore, it should be planned and led accordingly. In addition, people should know how to figure out most important things in their lives because people should focus on more significant aspects rather than ordinary aspects. In this way, they can make their lives more purposeful and influential.

Opinion # 34: Never leave anything unsaid and undone

This life is so short therefore never leave your important tasks on others. Since, every individual is different from others therefore, it is always better to complete your tasks at your own. In this way, you can complete all your tasks by applying your own creativity in a far better manner.

Opinion # 33:  It is tough to bear the loss of your loved ones

This is an undeniable fact that it is not an easy thing to accept the loss of your loved ones. However, you have to deal and accept this difficult time with integrity because this time makes you more powerful and mentally stronger.

Opinion # 32: It is  better to accept the reality at the earliest

Sometimes, it is much better for yourself to accept the hardest parts of your life as early as possible because the earlier you accept, the better it is for your well being. During the whole lifetime process, people should remain strong and proactive because life is all about prioritizing your crucial works in a systematic order.

Opinion # 31: Provides Life Changing Opportunity

Life also provides life changing opportunity to those people who have passion and desires to change the lives of others. This is due to the fact that life is a source of inspiration and motivation for those individuals who strive hard to make their lives purposeful for others. As a result, people get loads of motivations and energy from these types of people. Therefore, people should focus on making good use of all these sorts of opportunities as much as possible.   

Opinion  # 30: Express your Love for Someone before Time runs out

Life is really short and uncertain therefore if you love someone then it is better to express your love as early as possible. You never know you will get another chance or not life does not offer chances too often.

Opinion # 29: Life also Teaches Difficult Lessons

Life also teaches some difficult lessons to people since life is a bag of mixed feelings that include sorrows and happiness. Therefore, one has to remain calm and relaxed because it is a lifelong and detailed oriented process that takes lot of time and evaluate lot of patience as well.


Opinion # 28: Remember last words of your Loved Ones

There are many people that make lot of difference in our lives. We should acknowledge their contributions because they teach us various things which they have learnt through their experiences. We should also try to remember their last wishes since these words could make our lives more productive and beneficial for others.

Opinion # 27: Develop Objectives and implement an Action Plan


If you are spending your life in useless activities then this is the high time to start developing your life on a serious note.  Hence, you need to develop realistic objectives first and then you also require to create an efficient action plan that can provide you desired results. These objectives will definitely provide you a clear direction to your life and this direction will also highlight the importance of your life as an individual.

Opinion # 26: Learn how to save the life of an Individual

The life of an every individual is crucial therefore we should make our efforts to influence the lives of other people. In addition, other people also give you some important lessons about life which you can follow to improve your present as well as future.  We should also remain thankful for the blessings which we have received during our lives. Through these blessings, we are able to lead purposeful lives.  

Hope you enjoyed reading 25 of the 50 opinions. Stay tuned for the final half of '50 Opinions that suggest Life is too Short'.

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