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5 Things you will always find in Nurse’s Pocket

Things are quite unpredictable at the hospital, who knows it better than nurses. One moment everything’s too quiet and the next minute, everything’s in chaos- just like your pocket.

If you’ve suddenly found some weird things in your scrubs, don’t worry. You’re actually not alone. Here’s a list of the most common things nurses find in their pockets.

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1.Nursing Pens 

Pens are kind of tricky since they tend to magically appear and disappear from your pocket. What makes them even more interesting is the way they change names, colors and even types throughout the day. You can have a black pen at the start of your shift and find a 4-color ball pen when it’s time to sign out.

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2. Scissors

No matter which area you’re assigned to, having scissors in your pocket can save you a great deal of time. Nurses like taping things and then cutting them off, from bandages, clothing and even wrappers. And even if you didn’t place a pair inside your pocket, you’ll magically find one by the end of your shift.

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3. Tape

If you’ve had a patient who constantly pulls and tugs at his IV line, you know very well how important it is to keep tape inside your pocket. The problem, however, is that you always seem to never remember to get it out until you’re home.

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4. Calculator

This may seem weird to all the non-nurses, but nurses learn "nursing math" and they know how to do that like the back of their hand. But calculators make it so much easier and if they're lucky everyone will get the right dose of medication because they check, double check and triple check before administering anything. Call nurses crazy for doing this, but patients will be glad they had a crazy nurse when it's time to get their meds.

5. Alcohol pads

Alcohol pads have tons of purposes which make them convenient to have inside your pocket. You use them to clean your patients’ IV ports, their skin before an injection and blood in case there’s wound. You also use them to sanitize a lot of things.

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