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5 Stunning Medical Bracelets for Men who have Medical Condition

People might suggest that bracelets are not the manly thing and that it shall only be worn by women, however the history suggests otherwise. Warriors and Kings from around the world had a tradition of wearing armbands on their wrists which was once a symbol of royalty and to differentiate the royal family from the normal people.

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Similarly, military ID bracelets became common in the 50’s which were made of handsome leather and metal charms. Pre-historic men would cover their wrists with bones and shells to take protection from evil spirits, while wealthy men of today would display power and status when wearing bracelets.

Medical bracelets for men are more than just a fashion statement bracelet, these provide information on medical conditions of an individual that includes their illnesses, allergies, medicines and emergency contacts, and any other information which can be useful in saving a man’s life. We discovered 5 medical bracelets for men that have been provided here under:

Engraved Name Medical Bracelet

Engraved Name Medical Bracelet is a special type of medical bracelet for men that holds medical information such as physical allergies, medical allergies, physical condition, and medical condition. These information could be stored under the pendant that contains a nurse symbol.

The medical bracelet has a tension setting which refers to the concept where the pendant is held in place by pressure instead of prongs. The length of the bracelet is 21 cm, while the inner circle diameter is 210 mm. It consists of a link chain and possesses a double-safety clasp which firmly holds the bracelet together from any damage and carries a weight of 29.3 g.

Black Leather Medical Bracelet

Black Leather Medical Bracelet is a blend of black leather and stainless steel as can be shown in the picture above. The leather that serves as a function of a chain is Polyurethane or PU leather which gives a perfect look and feel of genuine leather. The entire weight of the bracelet is 13.5 g, while the length of the chain is 63.5 cm.

Unlike any other medical bracelet for men, this bracelet has three strands of leather that could be wrapped around your hands that gives a trendy look. It also contains a lobster clasp that allows the pendant to be easily replaced with another of your choice.

Mesh Black Silicone Bracelet

Mesh Black Silicone Bracelet uses a stainless steel and a silicone-based material to form a unique medical bracelet that is suitable for both men and women. Silicone material used in the bracelet can easily withstand high and low temperatures and can easily repel water. The length of the bracelet is 22 cm, whereas, its width is about 15 mm.

This medical bracelet for men has a sliding clasp which is similar to the clasp which are used in chain watches. It uses a box chain that presents a different look than any other normal bracelets, and on top of that it can store medical information.

Bead Charm Bracelet

Bead Charm Bracelet is a medical bracelet for men that uses beads in its chain which are linked together to form a trendy look. The bracelet is 12.5 cm in length and carries a weight of 12 g, and a width of 12 mm. The chain also have a lobster clasp while the beads attached to the chain gives a look of a bezel-setting type bracelet.

It is of a round shape and contains stainless steel as its material that remains to be highly polished. A non-allergenic stainless steel that does not causes allergy of any kind to any individual.

Medical Cross Silicone Bracelet

Medical Cross Silicone Bracelet is a stainless steel and silicone combined bracelet which is 22 cm in length and 10 mm wide. This medical bracelet for men uses a box-with-tongue-and-safety clasp that gives a subtler impact and can be worn in festivals such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or at Valentine’s Day.

It can also be worn for conducting daily activities due to its rope-style chain that enhances its trendy look. With its triple row channel setting, it appears to be more interesting and eye-catching bracelet. The bracelet is available in three different colors i.e. silver, golden, and black. Medical cross design can easily get people’s attention.

The idea of men wearing bracelets was seen as a daunting image, but this perception has clearly been improving since the last decade as men have considered bracelets alongside cufflinks and watches as a fashion statement. Apart from being trendy, medical bracelet is a necessity for anyone that has a medical condition that would not seem obvious to a doctor when an individual suffers an accident.   

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