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22 Year Old Nurse Saves Life Of Woman Who Suffered Heart Attack On Plane

A young woman who is just 22 years old being hailed as a superwoman because of her gallant act. Courtney Donlon saved the life of a fellow passenger who experienced heart attack during a flight. She is a nurse by profession and started her career eight months back.

Courtney Donlon was sleeping when flight attendant made an announcement if someone could offer medical aid to sick passenger. When she saw the passenger, she was wide eyed and assumed that something bad was going to be happened soon.

Donlon works in respiratory care unit situated at Robert Wood Johnson. She helped a sick passenger through oxygen and defibrillator. Hence, she turned to be a go-to person at that challenging moment.  

All the other passenger were trusting me during this demanding situation, she said. I asked for aspirin and people were searching their bags and finally we got one. Aspirin makes the blood thinner and is quite helpful when someone is experiencing heart attack.

The best thing about this whole incident was Donlon’s calmness as she was able enough to control the situation and her emotions both. In addition, everyone cooperated with her. Donlon has seen these things in her professional life so often, this is why she said to pilot it is a heart attack. The pilot responded, what should I do? She said just land the plane and pilot said “Ok”.

Interestingly, Donlon’s mother is a nurse who works in the cardiac unit. Her sister is also a nurse who also works in the cardiac unit. According to her mother Renee Donlon, she smartly applied her skills in the right manner. She did all the right things at the right time.

Donlon’s sister Nichole Black said, she is sleeping now after a remarkable trip. She stretched herself and did what she was needed to do at that time. Furthermore, there was another nurse named Valentina, who monitored the patient till she was transferred to EMS in South Carolina. Donlon utilized her skills to a great extent.            

Courtney Donlon said, she was at the right place because someone’s life was in danger. You are their lifeline and you always work on the frontline. Therefore she preferred to become a nurse, Donlon said.

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