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20 Quick Facts That Shows How Amazing Nurses Have Always Been

Nurses are Angels of Mercy Amongst Humans

Running Around and Offering Help Holding a Fiery Beacon

Always Look Pleasant Even When Attending a Grumpy Patient

And Can Always Be There When Needed By The Nation

The Only Person Who Will Cheer as you Poop

And in The Middle of a Civil War They’ll Hand You Chicken Soup

They Give Us Hope When All Hopes Are Lost

They’ll make You Feel At Home Without Letting You Know They’re Exhaust

Tending to the Patients in the Boer War When Supplies Were Scarce

They treated them, loved them, and told them how brave were their hearts

Nurses are the first person you meet in the world

But Not Only Do They Attend Humans, But Also The Furry Creatures of The Earth

They Make You Laugh When You’re Sad

They Tell You Stories Just Like Your Mom and Dad

They Make Sure you are Fed, Clothed, and Pray as You Heal

You’ll Forget Their Name, but You’ll Never Forget How They Made You Feel

The One Who Helps You When You’re Injured and Remains by Your Bedside

In depression, or in Sorrow, They Vowed To Protect You All Times

So Keep Up The Good Work As You’re on the Right Track

Nurses are Patients’ Advocate and They Always Got Our Back

For Everything That You Do, We Say Thank you
In All Our Years, We Won’t See A Person Like You <3

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