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15 Regrets of the Dying Revealed by Nurses

There is always something or someone that distracts us from achieving our desired goals. It may be soccer, work, or spending time with family, but since the advent of various technological gadgets, our lives have only gotten busier. In the midst of such distraction, we never get around with something that we love. Then suddenly we get the news that we have little time to live and are soon expected to be dead. We tend to think our biggest regret while sitting on our deathbed and the only witness common amongstt these patients are the nurses. Below are the 15 regrets of the dying patients which were collected and combined by nurses from around the world:

Not expressing true feelings

true feelings

Keeping peace with others is a good thing, but suppressing their own feelings to keep other people happy is a problem. Due to this, their existence becomes mediocre and therefore they never achieved their true potential. Many people would show resentment to this act and may develop illness.

Not staying true to oneselfNot staying true to oneself

When life is nearing to its end, a person can look back and may notice that there have been so many dreams which have remained unfulfilled. It is also the most common regret where patients agree that they have not honoured their dreams because of the various choices they had made. They lived a life of what others expected of them and as a result they were never true to themselves. 

Not staying in touch with friends

Not staying in touch with friends

The benefits of old friends cannot be realized until one is present in their deathbed. However, until then it is too late to track them down. Being busy in their own lives people have let slip a golden friendship. These patients have a regret while dying that they should have invested time and effort on their friendship as everyone misses their friends.

Spending entire life in comfort zone

Spending entire life in comfort zone

It is a big waste if people spend their entire life doing the same thing over and over again until they realise they wanted something excited to happen. Nothing exciting will happen until people strive in making something happen. It is a struggle for people to move away from their comfort zone and to make way for excitement.

Spent majority of time around toxic people

toxic people

There comes a time later in life when people regret that they were surrounded by certain people who did not benefit their well-being. Some people will bring you down while others would not be fun to be around. The patients while lying in their deathbed regret to have spend time with people who have disrespected them and treat them poorly.

Did not value the time spend with family

 spend with family

Humans are social creatures which means that they want to spend time around others to whom they care. Since patients were too busy spending time at their office, they failed to show their family how much they love them. Days become weeks and weeks become months and years until they lie in their deathbed wishing they had spent quality time with their family and would not have missed their children early growth. 


Thought I knew everything

When people graduate from high school, they pretend that they know everything. As the time goes by, when this attitude may remain constant it means they have stopped learning. As we know for sure, a person never grows until they heed learning. Humans have been explorers and venturers since the beginning of time. They have traveled to every corner of the world and have discovered space and therefore they have evolved. The regret of the dying patient has therefore also revolved around a thought that they knew everything.

I hated my job

For securing a paycheck, accepting a nine to five job with continuous rotation is a must. For securing two weeks of vacation, working fifty weeks like a slave is mandatory. Not to forget the house loan debt, credit card payments, and paying for the car is a burden that most of us has to bear. However, while lying on the deathbed one always regret of leaving the job since it was the only way one could pay the bills. Patients accepts the fact that they did not do anything meaningful with their life.

Anger got best of me

From time to time, we all experience anger since it is a natural emotion. Sometimes, it is perfectly justifiable but we do unjustice with ourselves and others when we let our anger control us. It damages our relationship beyond repair. Nurses have witnessed anger problems from dying patients who had reached their old age. These patients have contuinously expressed anger to be their downfall against strong relationship with their family and friends. They also suggested the nurse to empathize while addressing anger.

Never knew I would make a mistakemistakes

Mistakes often allow people to grow, but it would seem counterintuitive for individuals to wish for failure. Learning from mistakes and never to repeat the same mistake twice is often the primary goal of people. However, nurses have revealed regrets from patients in their deathbed to be overconfident and did not accepted their mistakes. Later in life, they realized that every revolution had initiated with hundreds of mistakes until miracle happened.

Not making oneself happy


This is the most common regret of a dying patient. Patients often do not realise that happiness is also a choice. These individuals let others happy in exchange for their own happiness. Now they realise that their emotions were overflowed for others and in the mean time destroyed their lives. They have a wish that if ever they are going to get another life they will live to their fullest by laughing and making their life silly.

Working too hard


Every third male patient had this same regret when on the deathbed. Working hard in their life had missed a precious moment with their partner and children’s youth. There were not many women who spoke of this regret because they were not the breadwinners of the family.

Thinking happiness was not always an option

Patients regret that they realised very late that they could pursue their happiness and would stop playing the victim of circumstance and preventing themselves from being happy. They settle for a mediocre life because they were afraid of making changes in their life and worry what others will think of them.

I wish I had children

Patients often have regrets in their deathbed when they realise they do not have children who could inherit their legacy and would comfort them in the time of loneliness. Modern thinking of individuals perceive kids as a liability and a hindrance towards their goals. Children are the only one that shows love when people get old. These patients could entrust their child with everything for whatever they have achieved in their course of life.

Worrying what other would say about me


Placing stress on what other people would say about me and how will they judge us. Patients often regret while dying that they thought the opinion of others would greatly matter in their future success and happiness. However, they do not matter when you are dying on your deathbed.

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