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13 Most Desirable Necklace Styles for Every Women in 2017

There are many types and styles of the necklace being followed by women of all ages these days. The necklace is one of the most appealing ornaments produced through the modification of metal jewelry chain. If you wish to develop your jewelry collection with different sorts of stylish necklaces, here is the list of 11 most charming necklace styles you can follow to enhance your personality to the next level.

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13 Extremely Appealing Necklace Styles for Women in 2017

1.     Choker

The choker style necklace is an ancient type of necklace that has grabbed the attention of women of different ages. This is a type of necklace that usually made from various kinds of materials like ribbon, metal chain and beads. Hence, choker necklace style is one of the most followed styles easily worn through ceremonial outfits such as bridal gown or evening dress. This necklace style is usually coupled with precious gem or cameo.  

2.     Bib Necklaces 

The bib necklace style comes in the form of neckline in which bib like design element is incorporated. These necklaces are often assumed as fashion statements since these are usually worn when women want to impress and wish to obtain the attention of others. The bib style necklaces are supported through various elements like expensive gems, beads, and metal chains that look quite fascinating and appealing to the eyes.     

3.     Multi Layered Chain Style Necklace


This type of necklace is surely regarded as absolute funk factory for women since they find ultimate peace and love in wearing necklaces. These are chunky sort of necklaces supported by multiple layers that offer stylish and amazing collar effect to the next level. Those women who like to wear low cut dress, they should definitely try out multi layered necklace. It uses different gold chains and precious metals that make this necklace style a good fit for formal dressing.

4.      Single Strand Pendant Necklace

This is an innovative necklace style which comes in the form of silver or gold chain coupled with focal point pendant. There are different kinds of pendants that can be easily incorporated to make this necklace style completely exceptional. All these pendant types may include expensive gemstone and charm as well. The single strand pendant necklace can be worn on various informal occasions like party, get together or family reunions.

5.     Tassel Necklace

Tassel necklace are those types of necklaces that have enough features to attract the eyes of any women. You can easily add this necklace style with any dress during summer seasons. If you wish to add more attraction into it, you should include a patterned top that can enhance its overall appearance to certain extent. There are different tassel necklaces that offer a variety of color to women.

6.     Charm Necklace 

The charm necklace usually looks like a charm bracelet often worn by those women obsessed with funny things and casual stuff. In addition, the first impression of charm necklace reveals that this type of necklace style are thematic in nature. Hence the charm which is normally included in this necklace makes an interesting matching with the user.

7.     Gem Necklace  

This is one of the most worn necklace around the collar by many women worldwide. It includes luxurious gemstones therefore it is normally worn on special occasions. Since, it is an expensive necklace style hence normally followed by fashion oriented and highly rich women. These necklaces are developed through various kinds of ornaments like diamonds, rubies, emeralds, pearls and others. Apart from this, it can also add different attractive materials and gems in combination that provide utterly unique look. 

8.     Altered Art Necklace Style 

Altered art necklace style have recently gained lot of popularity and acceptance among different style conscious women all around the world. These sorts of necklaces do provide a mixture of various elements like faux pearls and vintage lockets. These necklaces are made by fashion designers, crafters and artisans thus it can be easily worn on any informal occasion. You can easily wear it on casual clothing like jeans or turtleneck top.

9.      Shoulder Necklace 

A shoulder necklace needs to be given utmost priority because women of distinct ages have not been able to understand its true potential. This extremely women-specific necklace has all the ingredients that can boost your personality to the next level. This is a wrong perception that it is an ideal choice for occasions like weddings only which should be changed as soon as possible. If you wish to be looked incredibly appealing, you should wear it on frequently basis.

10.     Festoon Necklace Style      


The best thing about this extremely attractive necklace is that it offers swags that normally hang down as a decoration symbol. The chains of festoon necklace can be easily covered with a variety of gemstones. At the same time there are different small pendants that can be sufficiently hanged downwards through these pendants.

11.     Torque Necklace 

Torque is a kind of necklace that offers different styling options and designs to women of different age groups. Since, it provides a unique opening at the back that helps you to wear this necklace around your neck. Furthermore, torque necklaces include a perverse slender band which is typically made from precious metal. This type of necklace style has a rich history since British and Irish women have particularly  worn torque necklaces to a large extent.

12.     Beads Necklace 

Beads necklace styles are one of the most followed styles by women since ages. This type of necklace are normally made with various elements which include crystal beads, clay beads, and glass beads too. These necklaces are also developed by designers, crafters and artisans, hence it can be easily worn in a casual manner. You can wear beads necklace on your jeans, sweater, t-shirts and other informal stuff.  

13.     Lariat Necklace     

Lariat necklace is a versatile necklace that has extended length which provides a different appearance to its wearer. You can wear it in the form of long rope chain, you are also allowed to wear it like a beaded chain too. In this way the chain can be sufficiently increased or it can be worn just like a single thread. Lariat necklace offers various lariat styles that can be used on both formal and informal occasions such as wedding or family gatherings.

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Final Thoughts 

Necklace does provide distinct types and styles therefore this kind of ornament has grabbed the attention of women from all around the world. It largely depends how you want to wear this all above-described necklace styles on different occasions. It is all about your preferences and dressing sense that can make all these necklace types incredibly gorgeous on your personality.        

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