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11 Weirdest Medical Instruments from the Past that will Haunt You

It is without a doubt that we’re living in a world where our ancestors would have dreamed of living in. It may be easy for us to forget minor medical problems, but have you imagined the days where a basic anesthesia was non-existent?

Imagine the part where you are conscious and moving when your surgeon cuts you open. Imagine the pain that will inflict upon you when a surgery is undertaken.

You will find below how lucky you were to be present in the current era when you will be blown away by watching some of the medical instruments used in the olden days. Check it out:

1. A Saw to the Brain

Horror films would never match the intensity of this instrument that was required to perform brain surgery in 1800’s. Looks like this instrument could easily cut a wood let alone the brain.

2. Amputation Knives

An image worth a thousand words. This practice was common in the Victorian Age in 19th century to perform amputation on leg.

3. Tonsil Guillotine

No matter how small an infection was at that time, they had a life-threatening cure. Look at this ‘Tonsil Guillotine’ instrument that was used to take out your tonsils at no time.

4. Stricture Divulsor

When urethra of a male patient becomes too narrow to pass out the urine properly, doctors would use a stricture divulsor. The needle of the instrument was inserted in to the tip of the penis. The screws at the side of the handle were used to separate the needle so that it can stretch to a wider degree. Horrifyingly, seeing a blood flow was considered a good sign.

5. Circumcision Knife

Circumcision was very common in 1770’s, but the only way a circumcision got conducted was through a circumcision knife. Now we know why men would instantly change their minds when getting a circumcision.

6. Cutting Tongues

To treat tongue cancer, the tongue was removed from its place to prevent cancer to spread across the body. Many would let the cancer to spread in their entire body as a wise decision.

7. Crutches to Remove Kidney Stones

This instrument doesn’t cure any medical disease, but it does help keeping a person quiet. When their hands are shackled to this instrument, there is no way to run from what’s coming ahead.

8. Kidney Blade

This instrument was used to remove kidney stones by inserting a blade from the kidney-side, and ripping off the stone. That could be a pretty scary sight. Now you know why shackles are required.

9. Trephine Drill

Whenever you need to remove a section of tissues in the head you can always count on a trephine drill. Forget the pain when you have the gain, figuratively speaking.

10. Blades From the Hell

This picture that you’re seeing right now was once used to rip open a human organ or a tissue, and that without anesthesia. Yes, we’re living in heaven right now.

11. Dental Key

The least scariest of them all is the tooth extract tool called dental key. This pain is in no comparison to the pain of the above medical instruments.


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