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11 Signs You Are Washing Your Hair Wrong

Ladies, it is high time for all of you to revamp your hair washing styles. Since, you all are committing same mistakes again and again and not washing your hair properly. Hair is considered as one of the precious gifts offered to you by nature. Hence, you must take care enough care of your hair to make your personality appealing and resounding.    

Here are the 11 signs discussed that suggest you have to improve your hair washing pattern from scratch. These 11 signs include:

Towel drying is no longer a viable option

Towel drying actually develops frizziness because of friction, it costs your hair too. It is better to use t- shirt or blotting method to dry your hair.

Excessive use of shampoo or conditioner won't make a difference 

You should not use lot of shampoo or conditioner on your hair all the time. In reality, shampoo should be used in an adequate way.

Scrubbing is harmful 

You can lose your hair if you apply too much scrubbing in a rigorous manner. Scrubbing makes your hair thin hence you must use a gentle approach while washing your hair.

Not doing a cool rinse 

If you are washing your hair with hot water then you should avoid doing this as soon as possible. If you want to make your hair shinier, in that case you should use cool rinse technique. 

Using conditioner on dripping wet hair


You should mildly squeeze your hair to take out excessive water from your hair. If you use conditioner on dripping wet hair, you are making your hair weak.  

Repetition is dangerous 

The clean and repeat approach is not always productive since your hair will become problematic for you.

Not giving time after conditioning 

After performing hair conditioning, you must always give proper time to settle your hair accordingly.    


Cool Cool 

Hold your breath for a moment and wash your hair through cold water in the end.

Using too many products 

People easily get carried away through advertisements of different hair products like shampoos and conditioners. Hence, you should not apply different products on your hair.

Wrong perception of shampoo 

Women generally think shampoos make their hair soft in fact they destroy your hair in the long run.

Not washing your hair properly 

You should wash your hair properly by using conditioner on the strands to the tip because it will moisturize your hair. Always rinse your hair from root to tip.



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