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11 Health Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore

There are times when your body is holding up a red flag in the wake of a warning and urging you to pay attention to your medical status. Failure to do so can cause catastrophe. Here’s a list of 11 health warning signs that you should never ignore:

When Your Sclera Changes Color

Sclera is the whitish part of your eyes, and when it changes to a weird color it may notify that you have jaundice. It causes skin and whites of your eyes to turn yellow.

A Dysfunction in Bowel or Bladder

Bladder dysfunction is also the cause for prostate cancer which can either prompt you to pee more or less. Persistent diarrhea or constipation is a result of change in bowel habits. It means you have a bacterial infection.

When You Have an Itchy Butt

Experiencing itchy butt is mostly ignored by people as they may think it is due to their seating. However, this is not always the case. Itching of butt is also a sign of hemorrhoids where your veins in the lower part of rectum gets swollen.

Moles on Skin

If moles on your body are continuously increasing, it is because your skin is damaged due to sun. Never wait and consult an expert.

Persistent Cough

Normally, coughing is not considered as a fatal disease, but when it turns worse and remains persistent, then you might have a problem. Lung cancer could be one reason for excessive coughing, or there is an infection in your larynx or throat.

Gray Hair at a Very Young Age

Diabetes can be a major factor in causing your hair color to turn gray. According to NCBI, your hairs shouldn’t turn gray more than 50% by the age of 30 years.

Sudden Burst of Anger

Depression is the mother of all evils. Depression can let you do a lot of awful things such as a sudden burst of anger. Mental therapy session would get you control your anger.

When You Feel Full After Eating Very Little

Eating less than your usual diet on a consistent basis may develop a feeling called early satiety. Nausea or weight loss can follow after this feeling. It may be due to gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or serious problems such as pancreatic cancer.

Brittle Nails

Splitting of the nails also called brittle nails that reflects iron deficiency in people. But it can also be the reason for some fatal diseases such as HIV or liver disease.

Confusion and Personality Changes

Feeling of sudden confusion can make it difficult for people to concentrate or to focus on a certain situation. This may also tend to change the behavior of individuals. This means you have a poor nutrition or a mental health condition.

Partial Vision

When you find a bit harder to read from the computer screen, it means you should get your eyesight checked. But when your eyes suddenly gets blurry it is a matter of medical emergency. Detached retina or hemorrhage can be the reason for partial vision.


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