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10 Last Wishes of Dying People That Will Leave You Inspired

Tragedy can strike anywhere, but the people who leave behind a legacy of love knows it’s value before realizing it’s too late. We categorize 10 wishes of the dying people that will leave you inspired and to value love at all cost.

#1 A Little Girl Left Her Parents a Sweet Surprise

Six year old girl suffering from brain cancer hid hundreds of love notes for her parents to find once she is gone.

#2 Drinking His Last Beer at a Nursing Home

This grandpa was given a beer by his family member at a nursing home when they arrived to pay visit to their grandfather. What makes this moment so special is because this was his last beer on the earth.

#3 Homeless Guy Wanted to Find a Home For His Dog Before He Dies

The dying wish of a homeless guy was to get a home for his dog where he would live happily ever after. Before the homeless guy passed away, he was relieved to hear that his four-legged friend was adopted by a caring family.

#4 Granny’s Dying Wish Was To See Her Cat, The Oliver

Before passing away, she wanted to see her cat, Oliver to say good-bye. Oliver was brought to his owner and bid her farewell.

#5 She Wanted To Dance One Last Time

This wife had a final wish that she wants to dance with her husband one last time. It was a beautiful, yet a warm night where the couple embraced love once again.

#6 A Dying Boy Wanted To Donate His Kidney To His Mom and To Save Her Life

7-year old  who knew that he was dying and despite that fact, he donated his kidneys to his mom and saved her life.

#7 A Cancer Patient Who Said Goodbye to His Zoo Animals

Spending most of his years at a zoo working as a janitor, Mario’s dying wish was fulfilled when he was allowed to say good-bye to his zoo animals. The love of animals for his janitor is evident in the picture.

#8 Boy with a Professional Tattoo

A 12-year old boy wanted a colorful market tattoo as his dying wish, and to fulfill his request a tattoo artist was able to provide him service.

#9 5-Year Old Wanted To Marry Her ‘Best Buddy’

The statement that ‘true friendship begins at a very young’ holds true in this case when a dying 5-year old girl expressed her dream to marry the boy of his dreams. She passed away shortly after getting married.

#10 This Girl’s Dying Wish Was Fulfilled by Her Musical Hero

The girl admired ‘Florence and The Machine’ all her life and when she was dying she was serenaded by her favorite musical hero before she passed away.


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