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10 Good Things about Being a Nurse

Career in nursing could be challenging, stressful, and lack of emotional comfort. These are the downside that comes along with the nursing profession, but at the same time it can be rewarding, interesting, and full of respect.

The positive side of nursing career can easily takeover the negative aspects. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing is the largest healthcare profession with 3.1 million registered nurses and its employment is expected to grow at a much faster pace than any other profession through 2018.

Being a nurse in itself is a blessing in many ways. Below have been presented are the 10 good things about being a nurse:

Forming Unique Bonds with Patients

Nurses spend an entire day with patients, taking care of their needs, cleaning them, feeding them, and doing every bit of things that are asked by patients. As a result, it creates a bond much stronger than physicians. To most nurses, it is the most gratifying and a wonderful feeling.

But some patients could be very demanding.


Blaming Patients for their Mischief

It often occurs to nurses that they blame patients for something they did not do, and this holds true for most part when nurses fart. However, this stunt could only work in case of old patients as they would care less about a dingy little fart. But the real problem occurs when a nurse farts in the grocery store and there is no one to blame.



Patients are a Source of Inspiration

Nurses come across many tragedies, but most importantly they see patients battling it out with their illness no matter how depressing it may be. Patients surviving cancer with a whole lot of family by their bedside, or patients who knows they are not going to make it through but still fights the disease and spends much time with their children and grandchildren, is inspiring.

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No Worries in Losing their Jobs

Nursing jobs are lined-up from the minute they walk out the door. Nurses do not have to worry about finding a new job as there is always a need of nurse. Individuals in other fields might struggle for months to find an appropriate job, but nurses could easily be offered a job with good package and paid vacations.


Opportunities to Advance in Career

Nursing career is much more than wiping butts and emptying bedpans. There is an additional training for nurses in order to become a nurse practitioner which gets them more money. With little more training, these nurses can write prescriptions, treat patients, and do a lot of things similar to doctors. Nurse educator is another level for nurses where they are incharge of educating nurses.


Flexible Schedule

Nurses have the flexibility to choose from the shifts available in the hospital (i.e. morning shift, afternoon shift, or a night shift). There are also weekend-only programs where a nurse do not have to work during the week but have to work longer hours during the weekends. It gives nurses freedom to choose their shifts when they have little kids to take care of, or have been newly married.

Co-workers can Turn into Best Friends

While putting longer and challenging hours at work, nurses can form a bond between their coworkers which is amongst a good thing about being a nurse. They work in an environment which can be emotionally exhaustive and drains an individual both physically and mentally. At that time, co-workers are the only source of comfort and motivation to carry forward their dreams to help others.


Changing Career Path in Nursing Field

After continuously performing the same task for over years, one might lack interest in carrying their job any further. However, good news for nurses as they can easily shift from one type of medicine to another until they find a place where their interest soars high. From orthopedic floor to cardiac, and from Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to oncology, all sorts of options tend to flow for nurses.

Nursing Skills are Translated in Personal Life

Nurses do not overreact when their kids or any of the family members gets sick. Nurses know exactly what to do and where to go. Even when facing emergency situations at home or at any other place, nurses can always be a blessing as they can stop anywhere anytime and help. Adopting nursing skills can also prevent from being judgemental. When they help patients at their worst, they become more tolerant of others. Nurses highly regard this as a best thing about being a nurse.

Patients Remember After Years

On many occasions, nurses run into patients and their family members and recognizing nurses on most part is always a gratifying feeling. Patients are full of praises for their nurses and when they let these nurses know how they saved their lives, it gets these nurses over the moon.


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